Marriage and Your DNA


Well it’s true; I’m a married man now. It got me thinking about what does
the Bible day about marriage? The best description can be found in
Ephesians 5:22-33. The Bible has more than thirty passages about what you
as a Pathfinder need to know about marriage.

Most of you reading this are ten to twelve years old. You’re thinking, Wow that’s so far away. But realistically in two to four more NAD
international camporees, you’ll be getting married too. I have several
former Pathfinders of mine that are married and even a couple with kids of
their own.

When we look at the examples in the Bible we see a pretty simple idea of
what marriage is. A man and woman become one and start their own family. In
the secular world this idea has been altered. However, a important part of
the Biblical marriage is having your own biological children. Having your
own kids means your DNA and your spouses DNA are combined to form a new
person. The marriage of genetic coding binds two people into one new person
(or more in case of twins). Something new or someone new is created and has
their own unique DNA. There are little tiny bits of DNA from every person
in your ancestry all way back to Adam and Eve!

Check out the Heredity Honor for more info.

Photo by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

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Marriage and Your DNA

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