Made For This, Series 1: Gymnastics, Chapter 1

“That’s it, that’s got to be it!” 13 year old Kimberly Wang brushed a lock of her pitch black hair away from her face as she wrote down the supposed correct answer to the math problem. She had only completed the first section of the never-ending math homework. I’d rather be downstairs practicing my routine on the balance beam than doing this horrid math homework, she thought longingly. Her eyes drifted up to the window looking out on the backyard. The pouring rain only made her worse. She sighed and continued her math homework with no enthusiasm.

“Knock, knock! Let us in!” Kimberly’s little twin sisters, April and May, banged on the door to Kimberly’s room.

Kimberly groaned. “What do you want?”

“Can we come in for a little bit? Please?” April pleaded. “We won’t be loud,” added May quietly. Kimberly hesitated, then decided to let them in. It would give me an excuse for not doing my homework, she thought.

“Ok, but just for a little bit. And don’t mess with Dandy’s fish tank!” Her little sisters, especially April, loved to tap on Dandy’s tank and scare the poor fish.

The two 6-year-olds pranced into Kimberly’s room and soon enough, April was loud enough to be heard around the world. Sweet May was as quiet as a mouse, politely asking April to be quiet. Kimberly told April that if she wasn’t quiet, she wouldn’t get the peppermint candy she had in her desk for them. April quieted down immediately.

“Kim, Mom called you!” Kimberly’s 16-year-old brother, Bowen, called. Kimberly shooed her sisters out her room.

“Whatever for?” she mumbled to herself. She sprinkled some fish food for Dandy, then scooted downstairs.

“Kim, dear, look what I found online!” Mom’s wide smile showed Kimberly that this was something she’d like. Kimberly’s eyes scrolled over the website.

“Gymnastic competition held IN GROVE CITY, OHIO!! MOM!” Kimberly nearly screamed.” Here in GROVE CITY!!!”

Mom smiled broadly at Kimberly. ” Yes, LiLi (her nickname for Kim), you heard right! Right here in Grove City!”

“Mom, I’ve got to go!” Kim’s eyes shined. She looked at the page once more. “Please, Mom, let me go!!”

Mom’s eyes wrinkled in merriment. “LiLi, your gymnastics teacher said that the team is on the list to participate in the competition. That means you’re bound to go!”

Kim could hardly believe it. She was going to get to be on a real gymnastics competition โ€” her first ever!
“What’s all the fuss?” Bowen came into the dining room. “Kim, you coulda been heard from space with that scream.”

Kim glared at him. “I didn’t scream.”

“Did too.”

“Did not!”


“LiLi and Bowen, stop that! She was excited because she’s on a gymnastics competition.”

“Oh wow, a gymnastics competition? Awww, how swe- ”

“Stop that, Bowen! This is important to LiLi.”

“Oh, ok,” Bowen said, but there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Kim glared at him again, then smiled at Mom. “Thanks for telling me this awesome information.” She gave Bowen the eye. “I think we all are excited about this.”

“Yes, dearest, I know you will do your best. Now back to your homework.”

Kim went to her homework with new enthusiasm. After all, her first ever gymnastics competition was at hand!

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    • Thanks Joy! And yes, I did realize that the story needs more descriptions. The future stories do have more, though. I will make sure that my next Made for This Series will have more descriptions.๐Ÿ˜Š

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Made For This, Series 1: Gymnastics, Chapter 1

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