Macy Johnson 2

    “What have you done?!?!” Her father screamed at her from across the street. A crowd was starting to form around them. “You’re in soooo much trouble young lady!” Macy had seen her father this mad only once, when her mother sold his plasma screen to pay the bills. But that didn’t even compare to how he looked right now.
    “Sir, please calm down,” Said a social worker who Macy had talked to earlier about her father’s problems.  
    “We need to talk to you about Macy. You love her don’t you?” Her father answered with a slight nod.
    “Then right now, you’ll leave her alone until you calm down and we get all this sorted out. okay?” She sounded kind of scared.  
    “Wait? You want me to wait before I can talk to my own daughter?” He sounded calm, in a scary way. “I’ll wait, oh I’ll wait alright. You guys can’t keep her from me for long. I will take her.” Then he quietly walked away. That was when Macy lost it. 
    “No! Stay please! Dad!” She tried to run to him, but the social worker grabbed her and kept her from making much progress. “Let me go! I must talk to him! DAD!” The social worker calmed her down.
    “Macy, I’m Paula Stevens. I’m gonna take care of you for a while,” She started to look uncomfortable. “Your mother is in a horrible state right now. Shes in a coma, we don’t know if she’ll heal. I was incharge of deciding if you should stay here with your father, but obviously that isn’t an option. So your under my custody until we know just what to do about this problem. Come on. Its late and you need to rest. You don’t have any siblings do you?”
    “No.” Macy said emptily. 
    Macy just realized what time it was. When this all started it wasn’t even noon, but now she as she looked at her watch she saw that it was 10pm. Macy was too shocked to say anything so she went into the car with Paula. They passed he church and she remembered this all started because of an argument about church. Is this God’s fault? Will she ever see her parents again?

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Macy Johnson 2

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