Love in the Shadows Part 6

“I miss Marcus. Do you think we will see him again?” Susan whimpered.

Karri growled.

“They don’t have the rights to kick our dog and scare him away and hurt him and threaten him and, and, you know!” Karri yelled.

“They do unfortunately” Susan muttered. “But that doesn’t mean it’s right!”

Both the girls scraped the hard wooden ground with their Asics and Karri even started singing she was that bored.

“I think we should go to sleep” Susan said as she jumped up onto a bunk.

“Good idea” Karri replied sleepily.

The girls huddled on their beds and soon dosed off.


Karri and Susan were awakened by the ‘dungeon’ door unlocking.

“Get out here girls!” a grumpy voice moaned.

The girls scurried to their feet and ran to the door. A muscular security guard was waiting outside their room. On his head was a black cap and he wore giant steel-capped boots.

“I believe we’re taking a trip to court girls” he told them.

He led them to a faded red car and motioned for them to hop in. then he stepped in and revved the car up a tiny hill, down a few streets and finally stopped at a brick building with the letters COURT imprinted on it. The girls eyed each other nervously.

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Love in the Shadows Part 6

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