Love in the Shadows Part 5

Susan felt like screaming. How could she end up in a police station. Susan had slunk down in a chair at the station and was waiting for the police to come in.

‘My life is ruined!’  thought Susan. ‘ I’ll get a bad reputation! They’ll take me to court and send me to a lame foster home!’

Finally a young woman and the same policeman who had dragged Susan and Karri there came into the room.

“I’m Officer K and this is my buddy, Officer Tanks. I’ve heard you two have been stealing from some shops, am I correct?” the woman said.

“Yeah” Karri muttered.

“Yeah well you two are in big trouble and your pesky little dog!” Officer Tanks proclaimed.

“Yeah well you mistreated us at the shop! You should be the…”

“Whoa lady! Quit it!” Officer K said to Karri. “We’ll discuss that in court!”

“Court?!” Karri cried.

“Yes court!” Officer K continued. “I’m here to ask you some questions so be quiet and lets get this over and done with! What are your names?”

“My name is…”

“Her name is Susan and I’m Karri!” Karri interrupted.

Officer K kept on asking them questions and jotting down notes on her notebook.

“Ok. You’re done here!” Officer K said to the girls.

“Ok. Susie. Let’s go. We’ll meet up with the people tomorrow at court.” Karri told Susan.

“Hold it! You’re not going anywhere!” Officer Tanks hissed. “You’ll be in jail over night.”

“Jail?” Susan whispered.

Both of the girls gulped as they got up and headed towards the chambers in the backroom Officer K was showing them.


The doors closed and Karri and Susan cowered in a corner and miserably glared at their nails.

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Love in the Shadows Part 5

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