Love in the Shadows Part 4

The next morning Susan woke up to another sunny day. She yawned and sat up in her bed.

“Good morning Susie!” Karri cried as she cooked noodles on a fire.

“Morning” Susan replied.

Susan hopped out of bed and had to jump over Marcus to reach the fire.

“Hello Marcus” Susan said as she gave him a block of dry noodles. “And how are you?”

Marcus sniffed at the block and ate it with loud crunches and crackles.

“So are we going to the grocery store tonight?” Karri asked earnestly.

“I don’t think we need to”

Susan gestured at the money.

“Aw! Come on. We can’t waste our money on stupid food!” Karri argued.

“Oh, all right. Fine but I don’t see why we need anything else!” Susan answered.

The girls waited earnestly until another night fell. Finally the moon rose and the girls snuck around the streets to get to their favourite food store.

“We’ll wait outside this time until it closes” Susan ordered.

So Karri and Susan waited patiently until the lights went out and the closed sign was hung awkwardly on the door.

“Let’s go!” Susan whispered.

Karri and Susan tip toed towards the door.

“How are we going to get in?” questioned Karri.

“Watch and learn” Susan replied as she slid a clip out of her hair.

She inserted it into the small lock and turned it until she heard the familiar ‘click’. Susan pushed the door open and motioned for Karri to go in. Marcus drooped his eyes at Susan and she stroked his forehead.

“Going somewhere, girls?”

Susan’s head bolted up. There behind them was a middle aged policeman.

“You’re coming with me!” he said roughly.

He grabbed them both by the shoulder and dragged them up the street.

Woof! Woof!

Marcus chased after them and bit the police’s leg.

“Get of me you little beast!” the police shouted as he kicked Marcus off him.

Marcus retreated.

“Run Marcus! Run!” Susan screamed.

“You be quiet!” the officer roused. 

“Why doesn’t God care?! Why should I be religious if he’s done nothing in my life?” Susan cried.

“Shush you!” the officer yelled and hauled them both to the police station.

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Love in the Shadows Part 4

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