Love in the Shadows Part 10

“So, ah, Susan. What do you like?” Mrs Tilder asked.

Susan thought for a moment.

“I guess I like Rottweilers a lot” Susan replied.

“Do you now!” Mrs Tilder answered. “Well we best get some Rottweiler themed upgrades.”

Susan grinned. Soon the car stopped in a little car park. Susan and Mrs Tilder got out and headed inside Cozies. They walked to the bedroom aisle and Susan jumped for joy when she found dog based materials.

“Shop til you drop” Mrs Tilder said.

Susan gasped and searched wildly for the perfect bedroom accessories. She found a beautiful matching pillow case and doona that had dogs scattered across them. Then she picked a Dalmatian lamplight and a few display statues of Rottweilers in all different types of poses. She took them all to Mrs Tilder.

“Dog person, are you? Who must of loved Marcus” Mrs Tilder explained.

“Kind of…” Susan said and took the things to the nearest checkout.

After Susan had paid for the things she met Mrs Tilder at the shop next door.

“Susan, since you don’t know about Christian life and being modest, I’m going to pick out some clothes for you”

Susan growled.

“Modest? What do Christians care about being modest? This religious stuff has too many rules. I think I’ll pass” Susan hissed.

“No you won’t” Mrs Tilder exclaimed.  “You can barely fit the clothes you’re wearing now!”

So Mrs Tilder disappeared into the shops and soon came out again with a few blue and green t-shirts and jeans.

“This is what you’ll be wearing to school” Mrs Tilder said as she held up the tops and jeans. “And this is what you can where on Saturdays and Sundays”

Mrs Tilder held up a beautiful red dress.

“You’re gonna where that to church”

“I’m defiantly NOT wearing a dress” Susan argued.

“You defiantly are!” Mrs Tilder answered. “Now let’s go have McDonalds”

Susan sat at the table and picked at the hideous pickles on her burger.

“Can we go now?” she asked.

“Ok” Mrs Tilder agreed and stood up.

When they got in the car, Susan sniffled soundly.

“What is church?” Susan questioned.

“Well it’s the house of God technically. At the start you go to Sabbath school with the people your age. Then you come into the big church where you sing songs of praise to the Lord and a pastor teaches a sermon to the congregation.” Mrs Tilder informed.


When the troupe got home, Susan ran to her room and started to set everything up how she wanted it. Soon the room was done. Susan admired the little dog statues that sat on her bedside table and in the corners of her room.

“Susan! Come here!” Mrs Tilder yelled from the bottom of the house.

Susan scurried down the stairs and leaped into the room where Mrs Tilder sat. A pink mug with hot chocolate in it was tightly held in her hand.

“What?” Susan asked impatiently.

“Excuse me?” Mrs Tilder roused.

“Um, yeah?” Susan corrected.

“I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to a horse show on Sunday” Mrs Tilder continued.

“Of coarse!” Susan answered and as quick as lightning fled to the barn.

“Captain!” she called.

She clicked her tongue. Captain emerged out of the shadows. He nuzzled Susan and tried to soak her face with a warm wet lick.

“You know what Captain! I think I love you!” Susan cried cheerfully.

Next day Susan, Mr Tilder and Mrs Tilder arrived at church. Susan strolled over to her Sabbath school and sat quietly in the corner.

“Can everyone please give Susan a warm welcome?” the lady said.

A girl walked up to Susan.

“Hi” she said. “I’m Amber”

Susan just stared at the front while the teacher talked about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

‘If I give my heart to Jesus, will I get to go to heaven? I know I’ve been pretty bad and everything but God has been showing mercy on me, I think. He’s given me a home, a bed, warmth and I mustn’t forget He’s been showing me love through his master piece, Captain. Maybe He is real!’   Susan thought.

After church Susan pulled at Mrs Tilder’s sleeve.

“What’s up, Suse?” Mrs Tilder questioned.

“I think I want Jesus.” she said quietly.

“Susan! Oh darling! You can have Him! Just ask him to come into your heart” Mrs Tilder responded.

Susan smiled. What a day!

‘Wait a second! Into my heart?!’

“Will I need surgery?!” Susan frantically asked.

“No!” Mrs Tilder chuckled.

Susan woke up early. HORSE SHOW DAY! But Susan did not know about the challenges she would face at that one little show.


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Love in the Shadows Part 10

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