Love forgives all

 Hi! Gymnast4theL0rd here! So I decided to write a book and I wanted to post this just to get some feedback. If you want to hear more please post in the comments. Thanks so much!
Bang! Bang! Bang! Annie rushed
out to the car to drive away. “Martha! Martha where are you?” Annie screamed. Martha was rushing out of the house as Annie turned on the engine. “Call 911 immediately!” Annie said as Martha slipped into the passenger seat, her brown eyes wide with terror. Annie quickly pulled out of the driveway and drove as far as she could from their house. “Hello? Hello?” Martha asked on the phone. “Hello, what is your emergency?” The other line asked. “My father just shot my mother because he was very angry! My sister and I just escaped in our car, please help us!” Martha pleaded. “Stay calm, where do you live?” Asked the man. “9211 Namdeast street.” “We’re on our way! Thank you!” The man told Martha just before the other line went dead.
Annie was driving carefully as if she didn’t want to be caught. But because driving too carefully is suspicious she was pulled over. “Hello officer” she said fearfully. “You look awfully young to be driving don’t you?” The officer questioned. Annie didn’t answer because she knew she was the officer was right. Annie was only 16 with a learners permit and Martha was only 14. When the officer asked her to show him her drivers license she said “I don’t have one.” She said as she bowed her head in shame. “And where are you parents young lady?” Asked the cop. “At home.” She said holding back tears. “Do they know your out?” The police officer asked. “No.” Was the simple reply from Annie, who’s eyes were now burning as hot tears rolled down her cheek. “I guess I’ll have to call them or take you to headquarters.” The police stated. “No no! Please don’t you don’t understand please no!” Pleaded Annie and Martha . Tears were now steaming down both of their faces as they begged. “I understand that you were driving underage, so what will it be? Headquarters or parents?” Annie and Martha both knew that if he called their parents their father would beat them to death. But if they went to headquarters they could go to jail.
So that’s the end of the first chapter! Again if you want to hear more please tell me in the comments! Bye! Thanks so much!

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Love forgives all

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