Love forgives all Ch.2

Hi guys! Sorry I took so long to upload. I have ALOT of stuff going on! This chapter is kind of a cliffhanger, so be prepared! Ok, here it is!
Annie looked at Martha. “Please officer!” They pleaded. Then Martha wiped her eyes and said, ” That’s a trick question! You will call our parents, excuse me, parent anyway!” “Yes!” The officer said with a chuckle. “Unless you can tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t call you parents-” “Parent.” corrected Annie. “Ok! Parent. Why I shouldn’t call you parent, then I will just take you to headquarters and get you a day in court.” Offered the officer. Annie and Martha both sighed a sigh of relief. “Our dad was taking his daily dose of marijuana and drinking vodka when our mom came and said ‘James, I don’t want you smoking and drinking near our girls. I found this book and it says to train up a child in the way they should go, and I don’t think that is a very good influence on the girls.’ Dad had been drinking so he was drunk and he said ‘ You woman! You can’t tell me what to do and how to act. I’m a grown man and you’re just a stupid dumb woman. I ought to shoot you!’ And dad picked up his gun and shot mom three times. He still had his gun in his hands when he shouted ‘Where are you stupid girls? You need a punishment for what you did last week!’ So that’s when we got in the car and drove away.” Explained Annie, and both of them started crying again. “Ok, we won’t call your parents. You still need to come with me to headquarters, not just for driving without a license, but you need to tell them what your dad did.” Said the officer whose eyes were getting watery from all the sadness around him. Both girls said nothing but nodded their heads. They drove behind the cop car to the police station. When they were walking into the station Martha asked the officer, “Do you know what book my mom was quoting from?” “Yes, but I’ll tell you only of you tell me what you did last week!” “Ok, fair enough!” Annie said with a chuckle. “Last week we were,”
Told you you it was a cliffhanger! So I’ll post as soon as I can! No excuses! Bye!

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Love forgives all Ch.2

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