Life Swap

Chapter One: Lost

If anyone knew, she thought, putting her trench coat on. She struggled to cover every inch of her pink, satin ballgown. She stumbled as she grabbed a small bag that she had packed clothes and food in. She tried not to startle anyone who might still be awake at that late hour. It must be two in the morning, she marveled, looking out her window one last time. The view was incredible. It over looked the yards that she called her homethe garden, the horse pasture, the servants quarters, the pond, the tennis courts, and the basketball courts. She sighed as she sat on her bed. Is it a good idea to leave? She wondered. Maybe it was the thought of leaving her sisters behind, her dear friends, Aunt Matilda, and her cousin Eric. 
   She shook her head, as if to clear her mind, and stood. Making sure she hadn’t left anything, she walked into the hall. Looking on either side, she sprinted on her tip-toes to the left. Sliding to a stop before the hall wall met a balcony, she crouched down on her knees, peering through the railing around the balcony. She glanced behind her to see a guard standing up against the wall. His eyes were closed, but she knew all the guards had a light sleep. Glancing through the railing on more time, she spotted two guards at the end of the stairs that led down to and from the balcony. She decided this was her only chance.
   She let go of a little mouse that she had in her bag. The creature walked down the stairs and stopped right next to the guards. Since she was hiding behind a potted plant, when the guards reacted to the mouse’s presence by all foolishly running after it, she took her chance and ran down the stairs to the second floor. Looking left and right, she assured herself that there was no guard in sight, she ran to the right, into a gallery of pictures.
   There usually were guards at each painting, and knowing this, she released another mouse in that area. The guard all followed it foolishly, as had done the other guards. As soon as she felt the guards were far enough, she walked down the gallery looking for the painting of a beautiful young princess. Finding it where it normally hung, she looked at it for one last time. The woman in the picture had long, flowing brown hair, about waist length, blue eyes, a fair complexion, and a bright smile. She wore a burgundy dress, but the most captivating this that she wore was a locket. It wasn’t a gold or silver locket. It was blue. 
   A ruffling sound, brought her back to reality, and she quickly reached up to the left corner, right behind the frame, and she pushed in a button. The picture moved to the right and opened a whole small enough for her to slide through. As soon as she was in, she pushed another button which moved the painting into it’s rightful place. She reached in her bag and pulled out a match, striking it against the rock walls. With it on, she worked her way up the rocks, to a small opening in the top of the cave. She pulled herself up with all the strength she could muster. Finally reaching the top, she pushed with her hands at the rocks that were on top of her. This would take a while.       
   About twenty-three minutes later, she emerged from the opening. Pulling herself put was not the problem. The problem was getting her horse Majestic out of his stall. She quickly glanced around the yard. She was in the garden. With a quick tumble and roll, she pulled herself up behind a tree. Heeving heavily, she crawled up against the rock fence that led to the barn. Swinging her bag over her shoulder she crawled silent as a lepord ready to it’s prey.

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Life Swap

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