Life Just Started Part 4

Previously on Life Just Started
I was still running, but I knew I should stop. There were so many emotions running through my head. Like a stampede. I stopped and looked around again. It felt like I was in a ghost town.
I walked through the school doors just as the second bell rung for seventh period. Great. The class where the group has our little schemes for the science teacher. (Mr. Colt) We were supposed to be dissecting frogs and identifying their organs for a science lab. But our plans were just a bit different. Let’s just say Mr.Colt would finally get to taste how he teaches. Like a cold, slimy, revolting frog.
I walked into the classroom and sat at my lab table where Ashley was already seated. She and the other goons were already dying of laughter thinking about our plan. “I don’t wanna do this anymore Ashley” I said. ” What was that Holly? You’ll be more than happy to slip the frog into Mr.Colt’s water jug. Perfect! Thanks for volunteering. Love ya.” You may be wondering why we don’t like Mr.Colt. Well, on our last science test. Ashley and I came up with a genius way of cheating, but what we didn’t know was that Mr.Colt knew every nook and cranny of our scheme. He failed our entire group for the test and gave us a week detention. Ashley was furious. It was pretty funny actually. Anyways, ever since then we’d been looking for the perfect way to get “revenge” on Mr.Colt. Ashley got up from her seat and went to talk to Mr.Colt flipping her hair as though that would have an effect on him. But that was my cue. I quickly snuck behind his desk, opened his water jug and slipped a frog inside. I ran back to my lab table and sat down as though nothing had ever happened. I really did wonder when I would have enough courage to stand up to Ashley and just leave the stupid group. But to be honest, they were the only thing i could tolerate in my life right now. At home everything was a mess. My parents were always arguing and then bringing me into it as if I’m Dr.Phil or something. Pshhh. I really didn’t talk to the rest of my family. And God? Who’s that? All he’s ever done is betray me and lead me into a life of hell. All of a sudden the class erupted into laughter. Mr.Colt was gasping and choking as the frog calmly sat on his face. Ashley was snapping pictures and videos. I just sat there quietly and kept pondering my deep thoughts. “Holly Rowland. Please report to the front office immediately” I quietly slipped out of the door still thinking about my life and the shreds it was tearing up to be. As I entered the office the principal was waiting for me. “Holly, I’m sorry to tell you this but your mother and father got into a very big fight and it seems as though things got aggressive. Your father shot your mother and then shot himself. I am deeply sorry. Is there anybody you can call or…….” I was in complete shock. Frozen. All I could do was stand there and hear all this information. I wanted to cry but all my face would to is stay blank. And people wonder why I don’t like God.
Sooo I’m back. Getting ready to head into my senior year and finishing up finals. It’s funny because I haven’t checked my uploads in such a long time. But I ran into my old story and decided to continue it. Hope it’s enjoyable! Like and comment.

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Life Just Started Part 4

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