Life Just Started Part 2

Previously On Life Just Started
“Holly, let’s go.” “NOW!” I sadly walked past the girl I had just insulted.
Is this what I have to do to be popular I thought.
I noticed that in fourth period Arianna( the girl I insulted) wasn’t in class. I asked for a bathroom pass, skipped outside and headed for the bathroom. I opened a stall to use it and…..Boom! I was frozen I couldn’t speak.
Arianna was in the stall crying and having a lot of trouble breathing. I screamed for a nurse and tried to drag her out of the stall She wouldn’t budge. Through her blubbering I could make out ” Just leave me here It’s not worth it”. I had no clue what this girl was going through, but I knew my actions earlier definitely weren’t helpful. The nurse finally cam and rushed me out of the bathroom. Outside I ran in to none other than Ashley and the rest of the little clique. Snapping pictures and laughing the heads off. I could do nothing but storm off and run all the way home. The wind seemed to be challenging me to run even faster. So I ran and ran. When I stopped I had no clue where I was.
I looked up and there was a very tall building with a shiny cross on top. I quickly assumed that it was a church. I ran again, even faster. That place has never ever ever done anything good for me. It’s best to get as far away from it as I can.

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Life Just Started Part 2

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