Life at This New School. Part 5 + Bully’s and Darius reveal!

Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep, Rebekah’s alarm clock went. Today was her second day at the new school..Rebekah yawned and realized that today was Monday.  “Oh Great, Today’s Monday. The day that wears you out.” Rebekah Thought. As always, she went downstairs to see only her younger brother Ronny watching his favorite tv show, The classic version of GIJoe.

“Oh, You woke up.” Ronny said. “ How fun. You always spoil my tv time before school.” “No I don’t!” Rebekah said furious. “ You just have to share the TV remote.”  “Yeah right. Well, if you want it, try to get it!” Ronny said. Then Rebekah and Ronny Were racing up and down room, trying to get that remote. But suddenly, Ronny bumped in Mom!

“Kids,” Mom said. “ Time for devotion.” “Yes mother.” Both Ronny and Rebekah said. Then after that, Ronny, Rebekah, and Layla ate breakfast, got dressed, and went on the school bus. But this day at school, it was going to be weird…..


 “Hey Darius!” Rebekah said to her new best friend on the school bus. “Good to see you after a week!”  “ Good to see you to.” Darius said with a smile on his face.
After school that day, Rebekah noticed something weird. The school bus was late that day, so the bully’s had a plan. They were right next to the walls of the school. Rebekah wanted to know what was going on, so she was spying on them.They were with Darius! And one of the bully’s was holding a can of spray paint that wasn’t there’s!  “Oh no, are the bully’s going to force Darius to spray grafitti on the school walls?” Rebekah thought.


“ But I don’t want to do it!” Darius said. The bully’s were forcing Darius to paint grafitti on the school walls! “ Really.” One of the bully’s named Steve said. “ I double dog dare you!” Steve said. “ Or are you chicken?” Then Steve started to act out as one. Darius sighed. “Ok. But I don’t want to get in trouble.” Then Darius started to spray paint his name on the school walls!

What the heck is he doing? He’s making a bad choice.” Rebekah thought. 

The next day, Darius was called in the principals office. “ Darius,” The principal said.  “ I see that your name was on the school walls due to grafitti. Is this true?” Darius felt cold and shivered. “ Ye, ye ye,” Darius sighed. “ Yes, I did. I painted my name on the school walls with grafitti. Rebekah gasped. Did he really tell the truth?!

Well Guidecos, looks like Darius told the truth. Is this really happening? But hope you enjoyed the series so far, and That you liked this cliff hanger Chapter. Anyways, Take care, and God bless! 😊😉

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Life at This New School. Part 5 + Bully’s and Darius reveal!

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