Life at this New School, Part 4 Rebekah Reveal!

Beep beep, Beep beep, Beep beep, Rebekah’s alarm clock went. Rebekah looked at her calendar. Today was the day. Sabbath. “Oh yay! Today’s Sabbath!” Rebekah thought.

Rebekah ran downstairs to be greeted by her family to do morning devotion. “Happy Sabbath sis!” Her older sister Layla said. “Goooood morning biiig sissie!” Her younger brother Ronny said. “Well well well, look what we Just found: a creature called Rebekah!” Her dad said. “Come and sit with us boo-boos!”* “Daaaad!” Rebekah complained. They had devotion, and got ready for Church, then loaded into the car. Sooner or later, they would be at Church.


 “Good morning!” Rebekah’s Sabbath School teacher said. “Good to see you after a week.”  “ Good to see you to.” Rebekah said. “We’ll start class,” the teacher said. “ Let’s sing a few songs, shall we?” Sabbath school went well. And as usual, Rebekah got her Guide that day. It was filled with stories and activities in the magazine, including Thumbuddy codes! “Wow,” Rebekah thought. “ What if  one of my stories was on there…… Hey wait-“ 

-“THAT’S IT!” Rebekah said out loud in the Sanctuary. Everybody was staring at her as they were about to start church. “Whoops,” Rebekah whispered. “But maybe I could write a story this afternoon.” Rebekah felt someone touch her shoulder. It was her dad!

“Honey,” Her dad said. “ What you did was very wrong. I want you to think about what you just did. But don’t ever, ever, do that again.” Suddenly, Rebekah blurted out, “But I- “  Rebekah sighed. “Yes dad.”Rebekah said. “Drat.” Rebekah thought. “Now everybody will think I’m a weirdo.”


It was Sabbath afternoon. And Rebekah was on her bed, Writing a story to be put on Guide. “ What to think, what to think.” Rebekah said thinking. Then she got a title. “I got it!” Rebekah said. “How about “The Lone Ranger…..” she said to her stuffies. Then her cricket stuffy started to chirp. “ Ha ha, very funny.” Rebekah said. “But I like it, so I’ll go with it.”
Rebekah wrote her story. Sabbath ended soon, witch meant dad could go and get some food.

“ I’m home!” Her dad yelled. “And guess what’s for dinner tonight?” “Wendy’s?” Ronny said out loud. “ No silly.” Dad said.
“It’s Chinese food from Panda Express!”

“That’s cool. But I would prefer McDonald’s.” Layla said.  “Mmmmmmm.” Rebekah sniffed. “That smells good!” “It sure does!” Her mom said. Dinner was yummy for Rebekah, and Sunday was a good day too! But Monday……………..

well, looks like Monday for Rebekah will be rough. But anyways, see you later Guidecos! 😉

* A name that my dad calls me.

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Life at this New School, Part 4 Rebekah Reveal!

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