Life at this new school, Part 3 Thanksgiving Special

Ding ding, ding ding, ding ding, Rebekah’s alarm clock went. Rebekah slowly turned it off.  Today was. 11/23/23, Which means this very day for Rebekah, it was Thanksgiving. Rebekah yawned slowly but suddenly looked at her alarm clock.

“Oh, no!” Rebekah suddenly said.  “ it’s 8:00.  This years Macy’s thanksgiving day parade is half an hour earlier! But, I also smell turkey bacon.”
Rebekah went downstairs, to see her parents and her siblings laughing.

“Happy thanksgiving!” Her older sister Layla said. “Happy thanksgiving to you too!”  Her younger brother Tommy said. “Well well well, look who we have here.  But Who’s exited to see the balloons on the tv?” Her dad said.  “Me me me!” Rebekah’s brother exclaimed.

“ Calm down, Calm down everybody!”  Her Mom said laughing.  “ Before you see it, you need to know how it happened.”  Rebekah pictured the story as her mom said it out loud.

a long time ago, in exactly December 16, 1620, the pilgrims landed on Plymouth.
When they landed, they were very cold. But, in the Spring of 1621, They found two native Americans named Squanto and Samoset. During that time, the two native American’s taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, beans, and pumpkins. And they taught them how to hunt and fish. The two also let the pilgrims befriend the EnglishMen. Without them, the pilgrims may have not survived. To celebrate, The pilgrims made a huge feast for the Native Americans. Then in 1789, George Washington declared that Thanksgiving would be a holiday on November 26. The end.

“Wow,”  Tommy said.  “That’s a loooong history lesson.”  “It sure was.” Rebekah said.  “And don’t forget my little turkey’s” Rebekah’s mom said. “Always be thankful to what God had given us. Like a nice house, new clothes, and,”. “Food!!” Tommy exclaimed. Everyone immediately laughed.

“Well, it’s almost 8:30, we better turn on the tv so you my bunches, can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade.” Their dad said.”  Thanksgiving was lovely for Rebekah, And since that day, she was always thankful for what she had.

See you later Guidecos! + Christmas will come soon!

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  1. I like “Life At This New School”, but I wish each chapter was a little longer. But as a busy person myself, I’d understand if you didn’t have enough time.

    It’s a good story nonetheless! ❤️👍

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Life at this new school, Part 3 Thanksgiving Special

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