Life at this new school. Part 2 + Grandma reveal!

Last Chapter,  Rebekah met a friend named Darius, but when the two went off the bus, the bullies came up and called Rebekah the name, but-head.

 Rebekah was silent for a brief moment, then Rebekah immediately said,  “I feel like you need a change of heart. Come on Darius, let’s go.”  Then Rebekah and Darius left the bullies before the bell rang.


The bell rang as Rebekah and Darius were going to History class.  It was a gorgeous day as Rebekah and Darius went into the bright room.
“Welcome Class.” the Teacher said proudly.  “ I suppose we have a new student.  Rebekah, Would you mind coming up here?”

Shy Rebekah came out of her desk, and Came near the Teacher’s desk.  “ Class.”  The teacher said.  “ Meet our new student, Rebekah! Why don’t you mind telling the Class about yourself, Would you mind?”
“Hi.” Rebekah said shy.  “ My favorite food is Chinese food, And my Favorite Show is Superbook.  That’s all that I want to say.”

Darius was the only one clapping. But when the rest of the student’s watched him, he slowed down.  “We’ll class, Let’s begin on Chapter 5.” The teacher said with a gleam in her eye.  All the kids Groaned and Started to read the History book.


Then school was over, All over. Rebekah went on the bus ignoring what happened the morning, and told the bus driver the address to her Grandma’s house.  She knew that there wasn’t another person to talk about her struggles other than her Grandma. Then she was at her Grandma’s house.  It was still a gorgeous day as she knocked on the door.  “ Come in, Come in.”  Her Grandma opened the door. “ Oh, it’s you my Rebekah please, do come in.”

Her Grandma’s house was beautiful as she came in.  She wanted to ask her why the House was so beautiful, but her Grandma asked her if she would like a glass of milk.

Rebekah said yes to the glass, as her Grandma was sitting down in her favorite chair.

“Grandma.” Rebekah said confused.  “Why is your house so beautiful?”

Her Grandma replied.  “It’s because it’s Friday. Preparation day for the Sabbath. By the way, Why are you here?”

Rebekah replied.  “ It’s Because I need someone good to talk to, and you’re the one I can trust.” Rebekah said.  Here’s where I need some Advice.  Today at school, there was this bully that called me but-head,  and there’s more that he said about me that I will talk about real soon.”

Grandma was shocked to hear what Rebekah had to say .

“Well, Here’s my advice.  Give them some time so that in the future, he can have a change of heart, or just ignore them.”

Then her grandma immediately said.  “Well,  We better take you home.  Your parent’s might be worried about you.”

They got to Rebekah’s house as Grandma explained everything that happened.  But tomorrow for Rebekah, it was going to be Sabbath.

see you later Guidecos!

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Life at this new school. Part 2 + Grandma reveal!

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