Life at this new school. Christmas special!

“Oh, goody goody!” Rebekah said happily. “It’s Christmas Eve! My favorite time of the year!”

“Now, now dear, we still need to find a Christmas tree!” Rebekah’s grandma said. It was indeed Christmas Eve, and Rebekah and her Grandma were finding a Christmas tree for Christmas! There were decorations, an ice skating rink, and there was even Santa Claus! But there was still something missing in her hometown of Flushing, Michigan*. But what was that thing?

Suddenly,  there was a poor man on the side of the road, with nothing for Christmas! No food, no water, not even a blanket to warm him up! But then, there was a bucket and a bell.  “The Salvation Army. What kind of donation place is that?”  Rebekah thought.

“Grandma,” Rebekah said. “Can we give some money to The Salvation Army, whatever that is.”

“Well, I don’t know. I would love too, but we still need to eat lunch. We’ll see what happens.” Rebekah’s Grandma said.

“You mean we can?!” Rebekah said. Her Grandma laughed. “Later darling, later!”

So they bought a tree, and had a magnificent Christmas lunch, but later on that very day, well, I guess I’ll tell you!


“Please give to the poor, they need your help!” The lady said while ringing the bell.

“Grandma,” Rebekah said. “ Do we have enough money now?”

“Yes, now we do.” Rebekah’s grandma said. Her grandma gave her a ten dollar bill, and then Rebekah put the money in the old Bucket. The lady gave the bucket to the poor man. He prayed to God saying thank you.

“You know what Rebekah,” Rebekah’s grandma said. “You just did a very kind thing, and I bet God is proud for what you’ve done.” Then Rebekah realized that the thing missing was Baby Jesus and his love for us. Rebekah had a very very good Christmas the next day, but she will always remember the true meaning of Christmas. You see, the true meaning is about when baby Jesus was born in this world. So, this Christmas, spend time with your family, and don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays! From LegoSophia! Also hope you enjoyed this Christmas special! 😊✝️🎄☃️❄️

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Life at this new school. Christmas special!

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