Leo and Timmy the goat. My short story. For toddlers and little children.

In my class, we do quick writes sometimes. Basically, we have a few options on what to write based on what we choose, then we have only 8 minutes to write the story. One day, I chose to write about a goat. The picture above is of Timmy the goat. My story is based on a true story and the little boy and goat is real! (My baby brother and a goat at the place where we go horseback riding. His name isn’t Leo though.) Here it is:
Leo and little Timmy the goat. 


There is a goat named Timmy. He is small but a little fat.

A little boy named Leo loves Timmy.

He calls him Tim-Tim. One day, Tim-Tim and Leo (who is almost 2 years old) went for a walk, Leo and Tim-Tim played on the slide. Leo laughed and said “Wheee!” Tim-Tim said “Maaaa” and slid down behind him. One time, one of Tim-Tim’s horns got stuck in a fence. Oh No! Leo ran to the fence and helped Timmy the goat. Then they walked home together. Tim-Tim and Leo are best friends. 

The end!

I just had 8 minutes to think this up and write it so it’s very short. This story is for little children. The age range would be 0-4 maybe.

Thank you for reading!

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Leo and Timmy the goat. My short story. For toddlers and little children.

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