Le next nameless chapter 1

Hello y’all ! I have not posted in long time but I finally squished some free time to my busy life = sleep ( school, PBE , church events.etc.) but here I am and btw my PBE team made it to Oregon for the NADs . But here we go .
Btw ages = Jisso/16 Jungwon/19 
Jiwoo/17 Yuzuru ummm let’s make him younger -18 also Jiwoo group name is Astro . 
Chapter idk (it’s been that long )
At the bridge.

 Flashback last chapter / Jisso came back from practice after bumping into Yuzuru.    ( the ice prince ) and soon leaves her adoptive mothers home to walk . She also try’s to avoid her at all costs . She is mean to Jisso .

I got my phone and mini backpack and left to walk at the bridge .
my adoptive mother yelled at me , the second I walked out . Bad idea.
“IS IT YOUR SILLY SKATING?!” Mrs. Kang said so mockingly. Long silence . I have learned not to speak when she is angry because it makes it worse . They were quite abusing parents. Mrs.Kang loss her short patience and slapped me . It hurt . “You good for nothing”- she was cut short cause a phone call . “Ah yes hello”. She became a very sweet person to others but not me , because she never wanted me in the first place but only took me in because my brother is rich . I took that chance and ran out of her apartment and went to the bridge . I felt bad for leaving Kim ( Mrs.Kangs biological daughter) but she treated her like a queen ,so I worried less. I ran all the way there which was roughly around 2 miles . When I got there , all out of breath, I saw someone standing by the bridge. Which was odd because there was rarely any one there . But I would care less. I stood a few feet away . He didn’t seem to mind my presence at all . I took a glimpse at him when he wasn’t looking . He looked so familiar. My heart skipped a beat when I remembered Jiwoo ( btw this is years later ) but it couldn’t be . Jiwoo was a happy cheerful person , this person looked sad, depressed, tired and weak . Somehow like me .Then I almost got a heart attack when he caught me looking at me . It was him . I fell back on the ground. (Btw she quite clumsy) 
                       Jiwoo POV
I was walking to the company but stopped by a bridge to think and rest awhile . I was thinking about what happened a few hours ago . I have fainted and passed out many times though I tried to avoid that . Many fans told me that I looked tired and sad , but I simply told them that I was fine . But am not. Most of all I hated the false rumors. But mostly I missed my family and old friends, like Jisso…. Then my thoughts were interrupted by a girl who looked no older than 16 who was obviously out of breath. I mind people anymore . Back then I hated having to be talking or being in a place with many people except my closest friends . But my members and fans helped me overcome that fear . Our group was like a family, we all took care of each other . I let the girl stand by me at the bridge . Then a few minutes later I felt someone staring at me . I turned to look at her but was in shock I remembered her . Jisso.
But anyways that was all for today !
Hehehe cliffhanger. I hope to post sooner .
btw I hope you liked it !

Btw Mr.Kang is in a business trip

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Le next nameless chapter 1

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