Just was thinking

Hi everyone I was thinking maybe I could make a new story .well here is a small peek :             Get off! No you get off!  Stop!  All the kids shouted. only one person can ride candy 11 year old Jenna  said anyways Candy is my Shetland pony get off her! Now ! the little kids that were riding Candy got off . Aren’t the boys going to help around the farm and we girls need to make milk and butter come on. All the 9 kids went but not Jenna .  Oh Candy sleep well tomorrow at 3 a.m we leave . Monday  3 a.m . Wake up wake up everyone get your stuff we need to leave before our foster care taker takes us away to a new home all the 9 kids got up . By here there is a small hole here . All the kids got though the barns hole . Run run run! Jenna said all the kids ran away . Wait ! Were is Elena? 14 old  Josh ask oh no . That was a small peek tell me in the comments if you think I should write it oh and the title would be : run aways: thanks for reading bye lol

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Just was thinking

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