Just proving a TRUE statement

smileyThe more your read the biblesmiley
winkThe more you’ll knowwink
grinAnd your faith in God willgrin
sweatPut down your iPod sweat
 surpriseAnd listen to christian musicsurprise
eekThe world is getting crazy second…eek
eekby… second.eek
lolYou could make a difference.lol
sweatStop staying insidesweat
winkHelp the world make
EVERYDAY Earth Day.wink
loveWords of wisdom:love
sadThe world is getting crazier, unsafe, and wildsad
eeksecond by second
minute by minute
hour by hour
day by day
week by week
month by month
year by year
decade by decade
generation by generation.eek
neutralWE humans need to control ourselves.neutral
smileyWE need to praise the Lord and forget all problems on the Sabbath day.smiley
 lolAs said in the bible “Keep The Seventh Day Holy.”lol
sadMost people don’t even believe in God!sad
redWE need to prevent people from thinking God is fake.red
redThinking that the bible is full of fiction stories.red
smileyWell it’s not!smiley
grinWe’ll go to heaven prove right.grin
confuseAnd the non-believers will go in a not-so-good-at-all place.confuse
neutralDO YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN?neutral
winkTHEN PROVE IT!wink
sweatI know we all need entertainment.sweat
sweatI don’t think I would live without my 3DS, Wii, cable, and internet.sweat
lolBut we need to focus on the Powerful Person who created us humans.lol
neutralAnd if you don’t wanna go to heaven that’s your problem not mine.neutral
winkI’m just ‘provin a statement.wink

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Just proving a TRUE statement

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