Judge Not, Love All

Hear the word of God the Lord
If you have ears and sense
Learn what He desires most
And gain good recompense

God is spirit, God is love,
He needs no earthly things
To Him an ounce of charity
Outweighs the wealth of kings

He wants us to be just and wise
He does not suffer fools
He wants us to be principled
And not just follow rules

For what good is our sacrifice
If we don’t love each other?
It is written one cannot love
God who hates another

His great commandment is to love
Him, giving all we are
And treat Him with compassion closely
Not just from afar

For as we treat the least of us
We treat Him just the same
He feels our every injury
He knows us each by name

If you do as He requires
You will never doubt
Whether you will enter heaven
Or be carried out

The church advises many things
But God requires three
Doing justly, loving mercy,
Walking humbly

Though much remains mysterious
On this side of the wall
Those who put their trust in God
Need never fear at all

Salvation He has guaranteed
To those who seek His grace
And in His kingdom those who love
Already have a place

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Judge Not, Love All

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