Hi guys,  ( sorry I left you hanging so sorry ) but here is the chapter  ( can’t I remember what chapter ) but enough talking,  let’s go
So the we all got to the new orphanage in Italy.
As we enter , I every were I saw was dead animal skins then Emily said quietly, ” Sarah I am sacred, ” 
          When a tall , stern looking,  woman came out ,” oh dare they bring me more children , but they said no little kids  ughhh !!!!
All of us children were scared , but the lady who was shorter , but kind looking whisper something to the other lady .
                     ,” Okay bring them up stairs , hurry up now , oh and I am Mrs. Forman ,” said Mrs. Forman
So we settle in and we all went out to eat lunch , ” let’s say the blessing  ( to pray ) ,” said Mrs , Forman , so then we ate ,
Later after lunch the kids went to play and the girls were coloring , then Mrs. Forman called us to pick up out mail
So I went to see if there was letters from Mom , like every week. But there was none ,” Sarah did you send our letter to Mom and did you send the right address or you think Mom  forgotten about us ?! said Emily, ” Sarah, Sarah ! ,”
Ahh !! I push Emily to wall , when Mrs. Forman caught me ,” Miss Sarah come here this instance right now young lady  ! ,”

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