Hi guys I’m going to be writing this new book ( not true but true that many people had gone through ) it’s about Sarah and her story
                                                                 France 1946 
   (Laughter and shouting )
Go,go, no go to your left ! No ! Kids shouted kids running around playing ball, kicking the ball back and forth a happy time .
“, Claire, Oscar, Hannah, David, and Sarah, ” Julien said as he past out the letters to the children in the orphanage, letters for their families or parents, I  ran to get my  letter ,then climb up to my favorite tree and open the letter said , dear children  how are you ? how are your sisters?  I think of you every day and night ,I hope you are happy and healthy. I hope to see you soon as for me and your father , father is still in prison camp and I have been kick out of our house,  but I am in auntie’s home about a week,  I will be in care of your auntie. I send you a hug from my heart I hope to see you soon, from Mom love Sarah , Emily and Georggette . Sarah reaches into her pocket and get a piece of paper and a little pencil and starts to write a letter. Dear Mom,  we are doing fine and are happy and healthy,    
We are safe and well,  it’s a happy place here . Georggette can count to 25 and Emily is …. not that clingy as much like before, I am fine .  We hope to see you soon too,  love from Sarah, Emily and Georggette , here is a picture that Georggette draw of you and father. ( later that day ) ,”Sarah can you  get the puppets and make puppet show for the little kids, ” Hannah said, Sarah’s best friend.  Hannah and Sarah run up stairs and got the puppets ,” Mrs.Evens can we put on a puppet show , please, ”  said Hannah  ,” yes girls ,” said Mrs.Evens . During the puppet show,  I peek and see Julien whisper to Mrs.Evens and Perrine,  then they went outside to meet with the police, I saw Mrs.Evens gasp then cries  <<>> after the puppet show,  I went to look for Mrs.Evens,  I went quietly up stairs and to find Mrs.Evens crying in her room, I softly knock on the door,  ,” yes Sarah come in ,” said Mrs.Evens
I hope you guys enjoy the first chapter of Journey , and I will continue to be writing New life and Journey , thanks for reading

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