Hi guys I’m sorry it took me forever to write this story , but I want you to imagine the story so you can enjoy it more. But anyways to the story , I also need 6 comments for I to know that you are reading and enjoying the story so please comment.
I walk to the room were was Mrs.Evens was , and came up to her ,”  Mrs.Evens why are you crying ? ,” I ask in a thimd voice,  she just keeped weeping,  so I went to find Julien I found him outside. And saw him crying too , ” that did the police man told you ? ,” I ask
Then he reach out and hug me so I hug him back . So he told me that the police told them that german soldiers were coming to find the Jewish kids and people.
                        So that means that you need to go to Italy
,” OK but how ? ,” I ask worried . So Julien said, ” first thing tomorrow morning you are going to a orphanage in Italy by bus , there will two busses and two groups of children , then you will stay in Italy, till the war ends , because France is not safe anymore, “
,” but what you and Perrine, and Mrs.Evan , what will happen to you .. ? ,” I ask, my voice cracked at the end
            ,” I don’t know. …. ,” Julien said,  so the next morning we got divided into two groups, so it will look less like we were going to Italy and a bunch of kids , plus Jewish kids , I think you are thinking the same thing as me , prison camp,  worse place you can go to but as the other children got in their , I stood there watching as they
Then Mrs.Evans said, ” it’s time to go Fanny come on ,” we gave each other our last hug,  then I get on the bus .
Then the bus driver told us to never wave to anyone or stare at a stranger,  so we slept some draw or hum a little song .
Finally we arrive at the new orphanage in Italy.
So I hope you guys enjoy it , I love to write the story  and read the comments please comment about it

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