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Yup, that’s right. School is starting again. With the beginning of a new school
year many Pathfinder Clubs are also starting up again. Most clubs only allow
club registration once per year. The main reason is so everyone is working
at the same thing at the same time. So if you’re sure, or even if you’re
unsure, now is the time to join. You can always change your mind and exit a
club but rarely does it work the other way.

When I ran a club, the cut off date was the meeting before our first camp
out. Once we had the first camp out no one else could join. Mainly because
I didn’t want to teach the same basic camping skills again on the second
camping trip. Other clubs cut off date is when they have their Induction
Service. (I’ll talk about Induction Services in a later post.)

Can you think of any Bible verses that are similar? To me I think about
Noah. Once the door was shut you couldn’t get on the boat. They could have
always gotten off the boat at any time. Though once the rain came I’m sure
they were pretty glad with their choice. So when the rain comes in your
life, will you have made the right choice? Will be on the boat? Or will you
be sinking below the depths, looking at the boat?

We are waiting for you to join us! Check out your local church bulletin or
contact your local church pastor to get the details about clubs in your area.

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Join the Club, While You Still Can

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