jesus part 2

When Mary opened her eyes she looked up she found herself
staring into the face of a handsome young man. Mary suddenly blushed a rosy red
from the top of her head to the tip if her toes.

“Oh I am so sorry sir I wasn’t paying attention please
forgive me.”  apologized Mary

“That is all right” replied the man “I am Joseph by the way
what is your name”

“My name is Mary. And I am pleased to meet you”

“The pleasure is mine” Said Joseph “come and see me at my
carpenters shop sometime”

  At this note Mary
blushed even redder but politely said “I will sir and thank you for your kind

Mary rushed to her best friend’s house and made a “quick”
visit. When she arrived home her mother was tapping her foot impatiently on the

“And just where have you been young lady?” asked her mother “I
expected you here an hour ago”


“I am terribly sorry mother but I was at leah’s house”
explained mary”

“Well while you were at you friend’s house chatting away I was
needing those grapes for the grape bowl we are having the new carpenter -Joseph
I believe his name was- over for dinner tonight”

“that sounds nice” answered mary
to be continued!!!!

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jesus part 2

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