Jacob’s Children: CHAPTER 1

Leah sat in a sea of wheat. Her son sat in her arms and stretched to get comfortable. Leah was tired of being excluded. Against her own will, this was the family she was stuck with. Her own sister and even her own husband constantly made her feel like second best. The kid in her arms, she named Reuben, because he was her hope that Jacob would love her and she would be completed. That’s not what happened. At least not with Jacob.
These moments with Reuben, alone in the field, softly enjoying each other’s company, were when she felt God speak to her. Even if Jacob didn’t love her, God did. And so did Reuben. She rocked him softly and hummed a song of praise. Reuben stretched his arms out to feel the grains that fell from their stalks, carried by the wind.
“Why can’t little Levi come with us?” Reuben looked at his brother and laughed, “He’s too small, Simeon. Don’t you know that already?” Simeon frowned. “He could still come with us…”, he murmured. Leah patted Reuben’s head. Simeon looked up and again tried to prove his point.
“Levi could come with us! Auntie could take him.” Leah, turned around and faced the table, “Auntie’s not coming. She and Dad have plans.” Reuben looked up. His mom looked pained.
“How come Auntie always spends time with Dad? I thought he was your husband.” Reuben felt sad for his mom, who often looked sad. Leah faced her children and smiled. “He’s her husband, too”, she said. “Does that mean… does that mean, she’s our mom, too?” Reuben said.
“No. I’m still your mom.”
“Oh, good. I love you, mommy.” Leah smiled. She remembered why Reuben was such a joy to her time and time again when Jacob had failed her. “I love you, too.”

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Jacob’s Children: CHAPTER 1

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