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Hola mi amigos! As  most of you know, I’m home schooled. This past month or so I’v been working on a newspaper editorial for an assignment. My teacher (aka mom) a=gave me permission to ask you guys to contribute to my grade. So, without further ado, I give you:

Mysteries to Life: Solved!

Have you ever had a random question
about a bible story that made absolutely no sense?  Did you want to find out the story behind the
story?  It’s important that we have
knowledge of the bible, or at least a source to go to when we have a question
about it.  I know the perfect way to
making sense of God’s Word is through the books of His messenger, Ellen G.
White!  Some refer to her books as The
Spirit of Prophecy.  I am convinced that
over the course of this school year every Adventist youth should take the
opportunity to read at least one book authored by Sister White.  Let me show you why.

First off, Mrs. White’s books show
us a lot of detail that the bible
doesn’t explain very clearly.  They give
the ‘insider scoop’ on stories that would otherwise be left unexplained to
readers who have a hard time comprehending the bible.  For example, did you know that the water in
Noah’s Flood didn’t only come from the sky? 
To find out where the other water sources came from, you can read Patriarchs and Prophets, one of Ellen
White’s many publications.  I never
really knew much about the story of Cain and Abel until I picked up one of her
books and read about it.  Afterwards, I
had a better understanding of why Cain’s mentality differed so vastly from his
brother’s and why God had to punish him so severely.

Another reason to read the Spirit
of Prophecy is because it gives amazingly accurate godly advice.  She talks about everything!  What we should
read, how to dress simplistically, dating and courting, the list is
endless!  I was recently having a debate
about how we as Christian ladies should dress but I couldn’t really give a
solid answer.  Then, I read a chapter in
Mrs. White’s book, Messages to Young
, and it talked about exactly
what I was debating about.  I was
astonished by the simple but sensible answers that she gave.  If you have a question about anything in life,
her books have got the answers.

Lastly, but most importantly, Ellen
G. White’s books show us the true character of God.  How can we get to know someone if we don’t
know there character?  In her booklet, Steps to Christ, she reveals God’s true character
that Satan has tried to cover up for centuries.  In another book called The Desire of Ages she writes about the life of Jesus Christ.  His special birth, His perfect ministry, and
His heart wrenching yet victorious death and resurrection, it’s all there.  In this book, you experience the hurt and
rejection he felt in His childhood and you can feel the triumph as he conquers
the grave in a mighty triumph.  Only a
messenger from God could accurately write the life of this holy and righteous
Man.  I can’t help but feel the love of
God as I read the book of this God-inspired agent for Christ.

In conclusion, I want you to know how
helpful Ellen G. White’s books can be to your spiritual walk.  Some people block her out because they think
others are placing her on the same or higher level than God.  Far be it from me to compare any human to an Almighty
God, but to say that her writings, which God put in her mind, are false, is
almost like saying that the Bible is just a Book filled with fairy tales.  Don’t let me tell you how influential these
publications can be in your life.  Just
crack one open and see for yourself.  By
reading her books, you’ll find that every mystery in life will be solved.


Did you like it? Do you want to grade me? If so, go onto Guide  Discussion Board to give your opinions. it will be under “School” and it will be called “Mysteries to Life: Solved” just like the title. Gracias por su imput! (google it) 

P.S No I am not Hispanic and I don’t really speak Spanish if you’re wondering. I just felt like using a different language today.  Amigos adiós!

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Its Your Turn!

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