Italian Reformers of the Reformation

I heard a missionary speak about

The Italian Reformation was like the
greatest awakening since the apostles.

Martin Luther was a reformer and his
books were published in Italy and elsewhere.

A man called Juan de Valdez was a
reformer. He was born in Spain but moved to Italy because he was afraid
of the Inquisition. He made commentaries on Matthew, Psalms, Corinthians
and Romans. He died before Pope Paul the third

passed the Inquisition of Italy that
would kill and persecute Christians. Their books were even burned.
Some still exist in the fifty-two mile Secret Archive of the Vatican.

The reformers had to leave, but they
still could minister to Italy by smuggling in writings.

Another reformer by the name of
Antonio Brucioli made the protestant Italian Bible. There were five
revisions of his Bible.

There was an evangelical wave from
1850-1870. A second was started in 1870 but died down when the Age of
“Enlightenment” came.

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Italian Reformers of the Reformation

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