Isabelle’s Journey Storyline

lives alone with her grandmother in a wide, rambling manor house in 18th
century France prior to the revolution which unseated Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

is very lonely and finds friends of her own through the books which she reads.

fated day, Isabelle stumbles upon an antique journal in her grandmother’s old
library about the life and adventures of Louis XV. Before becoming a Christian,
Isabelle’s grandmother used to be the toast of the king’s court at Versailles. Isabelle
develops a long-lasting curiosity about it. She begins to ask her grandmother
for stories of her former life: balls, political intrigue, and romance seemed
to fill every chapter. Isabelle’s grandmother becomes deeply concerned.

tries to tell Isabelle that life at Versailles was also filled with plenty of
unhappiness and trials. “My life felt truly worth living when I found God,” her
grandmother says persuasively.

Isabelle is very stubborn and persists in dreaming about the palace at
Versailles in Paris.

even finds herself falling in love with one of the powerful noblemen who lives
there through her grandmother’s lively and entertaining stories. Eventually,
Isabelle comes to a crossroad.

she learn to be content with her own life? Will she find a cure for her deep


do you think? I know that I’ve written about kings and queens before but, I
hope that you liked this short summary. This is partly based on a true story.
Please, let me know what you think! I chose the name, “Isabelle,” in honor of a
talented actress who played the innocent, young seamstress from a famous film
version of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Do you see any coincidences?
Love you guys! love

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Isabelle’s Journey Storyline

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