Is She For Real?

Connor and Quincy were best friends who played with each other every day. When one of the friends were hurt, they’d help each other to safety. When one of them were being made fun of, the other would stand up for their friend. They went to and from church together. But one day Quincy met a girl named Jessie. Jessie was not a Christian and was a very bad example. Connor became the third wheel in the friendship circle and felt sad about it.

Quincy started cursing and doing things she really shouldn’t be doing. About a month after Quincy and Jessie met, Quincy remembered Connor. Before she started stealing cars and smoking. Before she stopped going to church. Connor told Quincy she shouldn’t be doing these things, but Quincy didn’t listen. Quincy told Jessie that she didn’t want to be doing bad stuff anymore, but Jessie said Quincy was a big baby. Quincy did not want to be a baby, but she missed Connor. She missed her friends at church. She missed God. Quincy said she wasn’t doing anymore bad stuff, no matter how big a baby she was.

Quincy started going back to church, and started hanging out with Connor again. Quincy always remembers to be careful about which friends she chooses. God is the best friend choice, and he will always be there for us!

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Is She For Real?

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