Imani. Excerpt 3

Hi everyone! Many of you have been asking for more of Imani so here it is. By the way, do any of you know any good publishers? I’m thinking of getting this story published. Thanks for your encouragement!
Last time:Mary-Lou yawned. As she fell asleep she prayed for Imani. “Lord Jesus, wherever she is, I hope she is safe.”



11:00 AM August 12, 1860

“Well, well, what do we have here?”
Imani’s eyes sprung open. There, just a few feet away from her was a girl,
about 14 years old with the longest hair Imani had ever seen. Imani jumped up,
her eyes darting around like a frightened rabbit. ‘What’s up there?” voices
from below asked. “It’s a little girl.” In one quick movement, Imani jumped
down from the loft, darted through the three children plus their wagon and was
out the barn door. “Wait, we didn’t mean to scare you! Wait!” The children
yelled ‘They are just children. But it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.’ Imani
thought as she slowly turned around. She was tense. She could run off in an
instant if there was any danger. “What’s your name?” The girl with the long
hair asked. “Imani,” “Where are you from Imani?” the girl asked pleasantly.
Imani was caught off guard. “I…I shouldn’t say.” ‘This could be a trap, using
children to find fugitives.’ Imani thought anxiously. She started to run but
realized the children were surrounding her. “Oh, I see.” the girl said with a
knowing look. She motioned to her siblings. “Can you go play in the barn while
I talk to Imani?” As soon as the children left, Imani was ready to run, but the
girl looked at her with such kindness and compassion that it made her stop. “I
know that you’re going to Canada, and I want to help,” she whispered. “But… but
how did you know?” Imani stuttered “I met another girl one time,” she said with
a faraway look in her eyes. “Since she got to Canada, we have been writing to
each other. Will you let me help you?” the girl said pleadingly. Imani nodded
mutely. “Alright then, let’s not dally. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m
Holly.” She held out a laundry basket, that Imani hadn’t noticed before and
motioned for her to get in. Sensing Imani’s wariness, Holly opened her locket
and took out a lock of hair that definitely had belonged to a Negro. “We
exchanged locks of hair.” Imani decided to trust Holly. She stepped into the
basket and crouched down while Holly arranged the clothing over her. “We’re
going home now!” she called to her siblings. “Where’s the little girl who you
were talking to.” One asked. “Oh, she’s going to Canada so she couldn’t stay
long,” Holly replied airily as her siblings helped her put the basket on their
little wagon. “Oh. That’s too bad. She looked like she would be a nice
playmate.” Inside the basket, Imani knew that she had made the right choice.
The children walked for a few minutes, then stopped. Imani guessed that they
had reached their house. The laundry basket was set down, and lots of footsteps
thundered by. Soon Imani heard voices. “… but we have to help her. She’s likely
to get caught if we don’t. It’s the middle of the day and someone will be sure
to spot her.” Holly pleaded. 

“This is a very dangerous business. We
could be fined, thrown into jail, or even killed for sheltering a fugitive.” A
deep voice replied. “But Father, this will be all on me. If anyone finds out,
you could plead ignorance and I’ll take all the blame. After all, they wouldn’t
punish me very harshly. Please, let me help her.” Holly’s father relented.
“Fine. After all, she is a human just like us. But don’t take any risks. You’d
be endangering not only our lives but hers as well.” “Thank you, Father. I’ll
be very cautious.” “You’re just like your mother,” he chuckled “Always wanting
to help. She’d have been pleased.” Then footsteps came back. The basket was
taken up a flight of stairs, into the attic. “You can come out now,” Holly
whispered. Imani crawled out of the basket and stretched her cramped muscles.
“I know of a man who is part of the Underground Railroad who lives nearby. I’ll
take you there after dark.” “Thank you,” Imani said tearfully, “Thank you,”


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Imani. Excerpt 3

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