Illumi-Nate! Here’s Chapter 2


Hate and Responces

“What did the elephant say to the tourist?” Nate asked the girls a while later, who looked forced to hang out with him. “You forgot your trunk!”

“Very funny, Nate,”  Gaby spat.

Belle glared at her, which pleased Nate. He decided that Belle was super nice, and that Gaby was a total jerk. He noticed the hearing aids hooked on Gaby’s ears.

“Who cares. I’m gonna go play with Ella,” Gaby stood up and walked out the door.

Belle smiled. “She can be a little complicated and sassy, but once you actually get to know her, she can be really nice.”

He nodded, but he didn’t think it was quite possible. And if it was, he wouldn’t try. He vowed to always hate Gaby. Little did he know that Gaby had just vowed to hate him too.


Gaby dribbled hard on the basketball. “He’s a jerk.”

“According to what I hear,” Ella reasoned. “It won’t get any better.”

“Thanks, Amiga,” Gaby jumped up to shoot a basket, but not seeing it very well, she missed. I hate him already, and I always will. “My mom says he’s a troubled kid, but he can at least try to be nicer.”


“Hey,” Belle said as her sister entered the house. She scooted her sister to their parent’s room. Making sure that Nate wasn’t around, she said, “I don’t like Nate. He’s rude. He said some insensitive things about us and our family.”

“Yeah I know,” Gaby agreed. “I heard him. Me neither. I don’t like him.”

“But you weren’t too nice either.”

“I don’t care, he was rude.”

“You were rude too. If you are nice to him, maybe he will be nice back. Doesn’t the Bible say ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you?’ Trust me. I’m not saying that what Nate did was Ok, because it totally wasn’t, but please, Gaby, you don’t have to like him, just be nice.”

“Hmm, I guess. In the meantime, I gotta go. See yah.”

Belle nodded. “Bye.”

Behind the safety of the room’s door, Nate listened to the girl’s conversation, upset. How could Belle have betrayed him?

Gaby shrieked when she saw Nate on the other side. “What are you doing!”

“I heard everything you guys were saying,” Nate’s face reddened.

“Well, I think what you did was just rotten,” Gaby said, trying to keep her cool.

“I think what you just said is rotten,” Nate imitated, making his own version towards her.

Gaby, having a hard time controlling her feelings, walked back into the room. “He heard,” she nodded. “We’re doomed.”

“I liked your response,” Belle smiled.

“I guess. But I sure was –”

Gaby was interrupted by the door jamming open. There stood Nate. “You are gossips and I think you are the most awful human beings in the whole wide world!”

Sorry, ya’ll, this isn’t my beset chapter yet, it’s kind of cheesy. I promise that my chapters will get better starting Chapter 3! I actually continued writing like a month after chapter 1 and 2, and my style of writing keeps changing.

I have something else to say, in my next book, Somehow, there isn’t as much rudeness. As for Illumi-Nate, things don’t actually start looking up until like, the last dour chapter or something, so. Chapter 3 will not be as intense.

I know I have repeated this, but a lot of the language here is mean and should NEVER be used with ANYONE! Please do not follow Gaby and Nates awful example.

To read Chapter 1, click on the link below.


Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to post comments and suggestions!

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Illumi-Nate! Here’s Chapter 2

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