Illumi-Nate Chapter 7. Pick up your jaw from the floor when you are done reading.




Nate ran as fast as he could as the terrified screams bounced off the walls.

What was wrong? He didn’t know. He just knew that everyone had to get out.

Belle clutched Nate tightly and quavered, “Fire…”

“What’s happening,” Charlene gasped.

“I think it’s a fire,” Nate told her.

Charlene gasped and started sobbing and choking.

Isaiah looked worried. “Charli has stress induced asthma. Mom, where’s the inhaler?”

The church congregation moved as the loud fire alarms sliced the accumulating smoke.

Once everyone was outside, the firefighters had already arrived. Everyone sat outside, relieved that all had made it out.

Nate scanned the crowd, and realized that Gaby wasn’t there. He went around asking if they had seen Gaby, and no one had seen her.

That’s when it hit him. Gaby was still in there, and he had to get her out.

“Isaiah, I have to find my sister,” Nate told Isaiah.

Isaiah took a quivering breath and nodded. “I understand.”

Nate ripped through the smokey air, trying to lunge himself inside, when someone yanked his hand back.

Nate looked behind him and it was Charlene.

“Nate, this is stupid!” she cried. “Don’t make it so that two die instead of one!”

Nate looked at Charlene. “I have to find my twin sister.”

Charlene nodded as she watched Nate duck under firefighters and into the fiery building.


Gaby opened the restroom door and coughed. The air was thick with the foul smell of smoke and melting plastic.

She was about to make her way through the hall, when she realized that she was trapped. Surrounding her were giant jeering tongues of fire, ready to devour anything in their path.

Gaby screamed. “God! If You’re there! Help me!”

She sobbed as she thought of her parents’ reaction to her death. And then the torture and pain of being burned alive.

Soon the thick air was palpable, ready to be sliced in two with a kitchen knife.

Gaby lay down, about to give up, tears pouring down her face as she thought of the last thing she had said to Nate. 


“Oh, God,” Gaby whispered weakly, for the smoke was smothering her. “Please forgive me for what I said. Please, God.”

An overwhelming peace flowed over Gaby under the thick smoke, as slowly, her body relaxed.

Don’t you guys just love cliff hanger? Hehehehehehe. We’ll see what happens next once the mods approve. In the meantime, I still have to finish the last chapter. Ughhhhh! I am so bored! I can’t wait to start posting Somehow, which I have enjoyed writing a lot. It’s soooo much more interesting!
PS. If you are depressed after reading this chapter, I understand

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Illumi-Nate Chapter 7. Pick up your jaw from the floor when you are done reading.

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