Illumi-Nate, Chap 3


 Hey guys! so I promise that my chapters will get like a million times better starting Chapter 4, OK?

Gaby the Nerd


Nate was bored out of his mind, and it was only the fourth day! He had no friends. All Belle ever did was ballet, art, and practice music in the airy piano room, and Gaby? Never mind!

So he did an, indeed, very smart thing to do when you just moved into a huge house. He explored the attic, the kitchen, the library/TV room, caught glimpses of the bedrooms, and eavesdropped on the girls.


Here’s what was happening with the girls, meanwhile.


Gaby strained her eyes to look at the painting. “It’s very nice, Belle.”

Belle beamed. “Thanks! I’ve been looking at those pictures that DeGas made of ballerinas, and I decided to do the same!”

Gaby smiled weakly. “Nice.”

Today she didn’t feel like talking. Everything looked blurry and she was so tired that her eyes crossed. Her head was penetrating a hole in her skull.

“Can I get back to reading,” Gaby turned to her book. She looked at the page as letters danced in front of her. Nope. Too far away. She brought the book close to her face. Much better.

Gaby didn’t know what was happening to her these last few weeks. She couldn’t see too well, and, boy, did her head hurt!

Mom leaned over to see what she was reading. “Gaby-bug, don’t you think that you are holding your book too close?”


“Gaby, can you see OK?”

Of course not! “Sort of. I think I have allergies.” 

Gaby looked up at Mom and saw two Moms. She tried to fix it, but she couldn’t.

Mom looked worried. “Gaby, don’t cross your eyes.”

That did it. Gaby burst out sobbing. “I’m not trying to! It just happens! And my head hurts.”


Gaby sulked in the back seat of the light blue Honda Odyssey. Normally she would have been chatting with her mother on their way to get ice cream, but today…

“Honey, I know this is hard for you, but would you rather be blind,” Mom sighed.

No way Mom knew how awful it felt to be the most popular girl in school, and then, suddenly be diagnosed with near-sightedness. Plus, they were going to the worst place possible today. The glasses frames shop.

Once they were in, it was like a glasses palace. There couldn’t be a bigger shop just for that in the whole of Orlando. There were men’s, women’s, girl’s, and  boy’s glasses. Some were nerdy, other cool; some were dumb, others cute. Others were even nerdy-cool.

“Oh,” Mom almost fainted at some glasses as she pulled her favorite pair. They were sparkly hot pink with purple butterflies. Sensing her daughter cringe, she giggled and placed them back on the rack.

There were quite a few Gaby liked. Some were plain black with a jet stripe of turquoise, some were clear with smokey blue sides, and others were wire framed with delicate pink pearl roses on the tops.

But one pair really caught her eye. They were black, round wire framed, the sides were gold. And at the very top, a gold wire cat ear, left and right, delicately sitting on the roundness of the frames.

You know how in cartoons, when a person falls in love and there are hearts instead of eyes, well, that is exactly how Gaby felt.


Gaby happily sat in the front seat of the minivan, enjoying the Lake Eola skyscrapers touching the moon. She sighed at the glistening window panes of the FIfth-Third Bank and waved at the daring window cleaners on the twenty-seventh story. She didn’t care that she had to wait a week to get her dream glasses. She would soon look cool and see well too!
So the picture above is a sneak-peek of how Gaby looks like (the glasses didn’t ad up how I described them above). So I hope you enjoyed the chapter, I promise more action coming suuuuuper soon!
Just some random trivia:
If you are far-sighted, your condition improves as you get older. If you are near-sighted, it’s the opposite.
Thankfully, I’m far-sighted 
So enjoy and look out for my longest chapter yet, Chapter 4!

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Illumi-Nate, Chap 3

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