I Hate Zoos!


Ok, now that I’ve sent you into full panic mode, here’s the reason why. Many Pathfinder leaders also don’t like zoos when it comes to teaching honors. But I think zoos are useful because they do give us a chance to see a glimpse of Creation that many of us don’t have access to on a regular basis.

Now here’s the hard part, the reason I don’t like zoos is because, in a perfect world, animals should never have to live in cages. The truth is many of the animals that live zoos, actually wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for zoos with caring staff. Many animals in zoos are rescued animals, or animals that were born in captivity, and would not be able to survive in the wild. So in the end, yes, it’s sad to see animals in zoos, but they can help to teach us about our Creator. They also need our help, as the caretakers of this planet, it’s our responsibility to make sure we keep the planet clean and healthy through recycling, eco friendly products, and using safe forms of renewable energy.

If you’re planning on going to a zoo this summer, take the opportunity to complete some of the requirements from a Nature Honor.

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I Hate Zoos!

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