I am… – Life 002

I am….
Life #: 002
‘There was a huge fire down at Monroe Dr. yesterday at around noon, due to unknown circumstances. Witnesses have claimed to have seen a young girl, name censored for discretion, at the scene, sparking a match and throwing it at the house. The fire seemed to have come alive as soon as it touched the house and burned it down, sadly killing Mr. and Mrs. Dusek. The whereabouts of the daughter, is unknown as she has claimed to be at school, but she is being held currently down at the Olive Branch Police Station for questioning. Back to you, John- “
My mother turned the t.v off abruptly, and sighed, walking back to the kitchen.
“You saw it too?” I asked her, setting my school bag on the floor and going to the kitchen to get a juice pack.
She tsked, and picked up a pot from the dishwasher to put on the stove, and motioned for me to get the bottle of oil. “Seems like a real shame, too. I’m not surprised about it though, considering what her father did a long time ago.”
“What?” I asked, passing her the bottle of olive oil. “What’d he do?”
Mother shook her head, “Nothing, nothing. It’s not something appropriate for children your age.”
I frowned, still curious, but let it drop anyway as I got a Very Berry juice pack from the fridge and headed up the stairs to my room.
I heard the doorbell ring from downstairs, and yelled out “MOOOOM DOORBELL!” as I got out my personal journal and began writing on it.
She yelled out an “I GOT IT!” back as I heard her open the door.
There was an abrupt silence.
And then a slam.
“What?” I jumped slightly, startled by my thoughts.
Sarah rolled her eyes and scoffed, “Haven’t you been listening to anything I said?”
She sighed and rolled her eyes, yet again and said “Okay. Let me start from last night.”
I nodded absent-mindedly, waiting for her to talk, my eyes wandering around the Sabbath School classroom. 
“So anyways, after I left out the window, I saw my boyfriend waiting for me outside and we just drove on and on-“
Aaaand now I zoned out. Again.
Like I REALLY care about her rebelling against her parents to go meet her hunky, rebellious, “bad boy” boyfriend.
No, all I cared about was the cute guy in front of me, talking with that new girl.
What was her name? Kory? Dory? More like Dorky.
W-Wait a minute, did she just touch his sleeve?!
My mind reeled as I marched right up to them, my mouth opening to say a few choice words to the girl who dared touch my Tony when someone called out:
“B? Girl, come ON I still haven’t got to the good part yet!” Sarah whined as she pulled my arm and exited out through the door to the main hallway.
I maintained my composure even though I was furious at Sarah for pulling me away from whatever Dorky and my Tony were whispering about back at the classroom.
“Sorry.. Continue.” I answered back, stiffly, as I saw Tony and Dorky heading off in the opposite direction.
“Well yeah! Anyways, after I snuck out with Jesse, we both ate a faaaaabulous meal Burger King and- Wait! B! Where are you?!-“
Tony was alone. Finally! Now I can go say hi! my mind raced as I half-jogged up to him, leaving oh-so Rebellious Sarah behind.
“Hey Tony, happy Sabbath!” I greeted to him, almost out of breath, but I managed to smile as big as I can.
“Oh, hey, B. Have you met, An-I mean, Kory? From our Sabbath School?” Tony smiled, while putting his arm around Dorky’s shoulders.
My eye twitched in anger but I managed to still be chirpy. “Uh, yeah! Happy Sabbath, Dorky, oh, I mean Kory!” Extending my hand out to her.
Her face seemed to be confused by me calling her Dorky “accidentally” but she still shook my hand. “H-happy Sabbath to you too,  uh, B?”
“Yeah, B.” I smiled taking Tony’s hand in mine. “B for Breezy.”
The look on her face was priceless as I took Tony’s hand and tugged him over to the main entrance to the church. “Oh, yeah, by the way. Tony’s my boyfriend. Ciao!” As I ran with him inside, with a smug smile on my face, feeling Dorky’s glare at the back of my head.
I am… “Breezy”.
UNLOCKED: LIFE 003 – _______ PT. 1
Author’s Note (Beware: May be extremely long with no significance to the story whatsoever):
Thank you Mp137 for the name suggestion for: Breezy! I love it already!
And thank you all for the WONDERFUL names also! Will be incorporating them into the story soon!
Well, I wouldn’t know, ‘cuz I eat them just out of the box.
B) <- Cool chick right here, everyone.
Anyways, I know that’s not really the question on all of your minds, but.. Let’s just say I never thought that my story would actually be LIKED by people. And 11 COMMENTS to boot? Wowie, I feel blessed.
I was on a short hiatus for a while to deal with my own personal problems, but now that I read all of your guy’s comments on my last story, it motivated me to start this series again! So thank you, really. If it weren’t for you guys, I would never have dreamed to make a Part 2. Much love. <3
The names of all the characters that I’m doing is written in alphabetical order, so if you want to suggest any names that start with the letter C and so on, please do! Doesn’t matter if it is a boy or girl’s name, or even your OWN name! I just have the backstories laid out, so all I need is NAMES!
Yup. That’s all. I’m… Actually FULL.
Who woulda thunk?! :O
(P.S. Sorry to everyone if this story wasn’t as long as you wanted it to be, I was on a bit of a time limit. I’ll get better at this ‘writing’ hobby soon, I promise ;_;! (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Katsmyname! I’m SORRY PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!))

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I am… – Life 002

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