Hurricane Sandy Strikes New York Part 3

coolHurricane Sandy Strikes New York Part 3cool
“OK guys we’re gonna have to get out.” Said dad. The roof fell off just like that.eekred Anne’s little sister Jenna “It’s OK.” Dad said repeatedly to Jenna. Mom started gathering supplies. “Grab as much as possible.” Mom insisted. Soon the family had all their stuff and they were figuring  out a way to get everyone out of the attic “OK Honey, you go first.” Dad told Mom. She quickly crawled out of the attic. It was really easy because the whole roof was ripped apart. The bad thing is that the rain, wind, and hail was so strong. Mom had to struggle against the stinging rain. “Grab Jenna Mom, grab Jenna!!” I yelled at my mother so she could hear me. That’s how hard the wind was. “OK!!” She screamed back as she picked up Jenna. redNext it was my turn to get on the roof. Mom pulled me up. I was soaking wet by the time I got on top of the roof. Then my dad came up. Soon the whole family was on the roof huddling and praying for the storm to They weren’t the only ones on the apartment roof. Their neighbors Mr and Mrs Finch were huddling also. Anne felt relaxed.wink Then the WHOLE roof collapsed.eek No time to relax now! eek Mr and Mrs Finch fell in the rushing water. The family did also.confusered “Stay together!” Dad yelled. The water was freezing!!!!!!!!!!!eek Jenna began I quickly grabbed her. I spotted 2 pieces of wood.confuse “Dad, help me get this!!” He grabbed the wood. While he did that I began searching for Mrs and Mr Finch. “Mrs.Finch!! Mr Finch!! Are you there?”roll “Anne I don’t think they made it.”sad Mom said sadly.sad “Oh.” I replied. Then dad said “I got the wood!! But we’re gonna have to separate!” I’ll go with mom.” I said. cryMy eyes filled with tears.cry I hope i’ll see them again. I thought sadly.crysad “I’ll go with Jenna.” Dad said, crytrying his best not to crycry. Then we grabbed our pieces of wood and went in separate directions.eek
confuseWill The Family Reunite?sad When?eek Where?cry How?red Stay Tuned  For For Part 4 Of Hurricane Sandy Strikes New
 Authors Note: This is not a true story. But Hurricane Sandy did Strike New York City.  Thank God I was not there. Instead I was in Alabama. But many people died. And houses were destroyed.redcry
coolThank You For Reading.wink Stay tuned Next Saturday for part Thanks and God Bless All!!love

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Hurricane Sandy Strikes New York Part 3

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