Hurricane Sandy Strikes New York Part 2

loveHurricane Sandy Strikes New York Part 2love 
The Lights flickered off. Anne was really scared. Her little sister screamed. “It’s OK!” Dad said. Soon my dad turned on a flashlight. Mom passed around Lays Chips and Nestle water. Soon we were all asleep. Then my sister woke me up and said she needed to use the bathroom. I didn’t want to wake up my family so I grabbed a flashlight and took her to the bathroom. The 2nd floor of the house was flooded. I had to lift Jenna up so she didn’t drown.
Jenna finally finished doing her business. We hurried up to the attic before anyone woke up. The wind, rain, and hail were pounding on the roof. Suddenly my parents woke up. “Everyone OK?” Dad asked. Then the roof blew away. Just like that the roof was gone. What would Anne and her family do?
lolStay tuned for part 3 in Hurricane Sandy Strikes New York!!wink

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Hurricane Sandy Strikes New York Part 2

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