How to Play Sardines


This week’s Pathfinder column in Guide magazine briefly talks about playing games on a camping trip. One of my favorite games is Sardines. If you don’t know what sardines are they are small fish. They are usually packaged as food in square tins with six to a dozen fish in each little tin. This is important because it comes into the rules of the game.

To play Sardines, you choose one or two people to go hide. The trick of this game is when you find the person(s) hiding, you have to join them. So if you’re hiding, you will want to pick a small spot where one to five people can hide pretty well. But where the more people that join you the harder it becomes for all of you to hide.

Once I hid in a tube slide on a playground set near our campsite. As Pathfinders began to find me they had to try to hide in the slide as well until there were so many of us that we were falling out both ends of the slide. Take the time this month to play a round or two of Sardines and enjoy that God created us to have fun and play games!

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How to Play Sardines

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