How’s the Weather?


Spring is funny time a year. Stretching across the North American continent
this weekend we have everything from steaming hot weather to full-on,
raging snowstorms. For example, this week tornados touched down in Texas, a
couple hours south of where I live. So choosing your activity this weekend
larger depends on whether or not you will be going outside.

The cool thing is no matter you live you’ll be having weather! Now I’m sure
you’re going, “Yawn!” But being able predict and adapt to the weather
around you can make life a lot more enjoyable.

I’ve often said there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. At
Oshkosh 2009 I was setting up my campsite when a small storm rolled in. As
I tracked the clouds moving towards us I was able to predict about how long
it would be until the rain hit us. I shouted out to my group, “You have 10
minutes to get your tents up and your gear in your tents!” Twelve minutes later
we had rain. All of our gear was secure and dry, however surrounding clubs
were not so vigilante and had to shelter under our kitchen tent as the
skies opened up.

So whether you are wearing a parka or flip flops this weekend take time to
explore the weather honor.

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How’s the Weather?

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