His Arms Are Open: Chapter 5

ok guyz, Previously…

you’re overreacting…I come with you to church all the time and…God isn’t
expecting me-“

me, He is.” Hilary said looking at Ariana, “Ariana, you’re gonna have
to make a decision.”

looked puzzled, Why would God be expecting me? “Look Hilary, if
this means so much to you, I won’t go to the party and I’ll come with you to

you think about it Ariana…Make the choice on your own. I don’t want to force
you into doing something you don’t want to do.” Hilary said looking away
from Ariana, leaving her behind as she entered the classroom.

looked around the classroom ’till her eyes fell on Claudia, who waved at her.
What have i gotten myself into?!?
Ariana said to herself as she gave
Claudia a fake smile and took her seat.

Before I start the next chapter, I want to say that Mp137 and Pyrrhic, you both wrote great characters! I just couldn’t pick, so I choose them both! I will be using both of your characters! thank you so much for entering the contest.lol

the new characters names are: Gracie Marie Smith and Aleixo Salazar (Or Alex) [ps Mp137 did you mean Alexio?]

Now on to the next chapter:

 Chapter 5

After Ariana’s 30 minute detention, both Hilary and Ariana walked through the empty hallways and through the door, to where Hilary’s mom was waiting to take them home. Hilary jumped into the front seat, whiles Ariana jumped into the back seat and slipped her bag onto the seat next to her. “Where is Hal?” Ariana asked as she buckled her seatbelt. Mrs Brewster pulled out of the school’s parking lot, “He has basketball practice today, remember? I’ll be coming back for him later.”

As they rode on the highway, Mrs Brewster realized that Ariana was being very quiet, “Ariana, are you ok?” Ariana looked up and smiled, “Yeah, I’m ok. I’m just doing some thinking.” She then rested her head on her bag and closed her eyes. Ms Brewster looked at Hilary, “Is she ok?” Hilary looked back at Ariana who had seemed to had fallen asleep, “Yeah, she just has a lot on her mind.”

5 minutes later Ms Brewster announced that she had to stop at the mall to do some things, “Whiles I take care of something, you girls can walk around a bit and we can meet back at the car in 30 minutes,” She said as she swung into the mall’s parking lot. When she found a spot to park the car, Ms Brewster said, “Ariana, we are here!”

Ariana raised her head off of her bag and smiled, “Good…I’ll like to go get a snack at Hermit’s snack shack.” Hilary raised her eyebrows, “How did you know we were at the mall?”

“I wasn’t sleeping!” Ariana replied as she exited the car, “Just thinking.” The girls waved goodbye to Ms Brewster as the went into different directions. Ariana led the way as she walked towards Hermit’s snack shack.

“Hilary, I’ve made up my mind…” Ariana paused as they bought there snacks; Hilary bought Plantain chips, whiles Ariana bought potato chips. “About what?” Hilary asked after she opened her snack and ate a few. Ariana did the same and they took seats by the window, before she answered, “I’ve decided not to go to the party…I’ll go to church with you.”

“What made you decide that?” Hilary asked pushing her glasses back up her nose and pushing a strand of hair out of her face. “Well, I remembered I made you a promise that I would go to church with you, and I didn’t want to break a promise.” Ariana said as she looked out the window of the snack shack, “Plus, I’m sure I would have no fun if you weren’t there.”

Hilary blushed, “You really mean that?” Ariana looked at Hilary and replied, “Of course I mean it! Your my best friend, and I get bored when you aren’t around.” Hilary and Ariana laughed, “How can you get bored when you have twin brothers who are always making trouble and a baby sister who always needs attention?” Hilary asked. “I just do!” Ariana replied giggling.

“Well, if you are coming to church with me on Sabbath, you’re gonna have to get some church clothes of something-“Hilary said.

“What’s wrong with what I wore last time?” Ariana asked with a puzzled looked on her face. Hilary got up and pulled Ariana out of the snack shack and whispered, “Ariana, I know God said come as you are, but I’m sure you weren’t comfortable with everyone staring at you when you wore a purple hoodie and a denim skirt to church.” Hilary walked towards her favourite clothes store, and pulled out a long sleeve, red shirt off a rack, “Here, you can buy this and where it with that black skirt a bought you for your birthday.”

Ariana put her hands on her hips,” Hilary, who is paying for that shirt? I don’t have any money!” Hilary looked at Ariana smiling, “I’ll pay for it! Consider it a early Christmas present!” Hilary grabbed Ariana, handed her the shirt and pushed her into the changing room, “Hurry, it’s almost time to meet my mom at the car.”

10 minutes later, Ariana and Hilary ran out to the car where Ms Brewster was sitting in the car waiting, “What took you guys so long?” Ariana and Hilary got into the car, “I bought Ariana a shirt to wear on Sabbath. She’ll wear it with that black shirt I bought her for her birthday.” Hilary explained. Ms Brewster looked back at Ariana who smiled and said, “Now no one will stare at me.”   Ms Brewster laughed, “Alright girls, let’s go home.”

20 minutes later, Ms Brewster parked the car in front of the Brewster’s house. “Thank you, Ms Brewster!” Ariana said as she crossed the road to get to her house. She walked up the driveway and saw two bicycles parked against the house. She smiled and walked faster towards the house. the two bikes meant that Gracie, her brother’s babysitter, and Alexio, Gracie’s best friend, where in the house. Ariana liked Gracie and Alexio and enjoyed their company. She knocked on the door and Alexio answered it, “Hey Arie!” Alexio shouted, stepping aside so she could come in. Ariana smiled; she loved Alexio’s slight accent. You see, Alexio was originally from Portugal, but had moved to Greanland when he was 5 years old. He was one of the first neighbours in the neighbourhood, after Hilary and her family, who came to welcome the family. He had given Ariana the nickname Arie and was the only one who called her that.

Ariana put her bag on the couch and took a seat, “Boy, am I tired.” Alexio smiled and sat next to her, looked over and saw the bag with her shirt and said, “Tired of shopping?” Ariana giggled, “No, tired of school. I’ll be glad when Christmas vacation is here.”

Gracie came into the room, holding a plate of cookies on her hand, “Ariana, would you like a cookie? Alvin, Aaron and I baked them a few minutes ago.” Ariana took 3 cookies, “Thanks. I’ll be up in my room if you need me.” She said as she grabbed her bags and walked up the stairs. She had lots of homework and wanted to get most of it done before dinner.


After dinner, when Ariana was finishing off her homework, her dad called her downstairs for a phone call. Ariana ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, “Who is it?” She asked as she took the phone. Mr Morris furrowed his eyebrows, “The person said their name was Claudia.” Ariana gulped, Claudia? How did she get my number? What does she want? Ariana put the phone to her ear, “Hello?”

“Hi, Ariana? It’s me Claudia. I was wondering if You could help me with the party.” Claudia said on the other line .

“Claudia, I-“

“Can you bring snacks for the party?” Claudia asked.

“Claudia, I’m not coming to the party,” Ariana said nervously.

There was a pause on the line, so long Ariana though Claudia might have hung up, “Claudia?”

“Uh, Ariana, If you don’t want to help, all you have to do is say so!” Claudia’s voice sounded very annoyed.

“No, Claudia. I’m sorry, but I have other plans.” Ariana said looking over at her father, who was sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper. She wondered if he could hear the conversation.

“Ariana Morris! You were the first person I invited, and now your gonna ditch me? Forget it, I don’t need you anyway!” were Claudia’s last words before she hung up. Ariana put down the phone an sat at the kitchen table. She looked at her dad who was still reading his paper. She sighed, He didn’t hear, she thought, but then he said, “What was that about?”

Ariana frowned, “Claudia had invited me to a party, but I decided not to go…I had already promised Hilary I would go to church with her.”

Mr Morris looked at her over his newspaper, “And?”

“Well, Claudia is kinda mad at me.” Ariana said looking down at her shoes.

“Well, you do what you think you should do.” Mr Morris said, “If you want to go to church, then go.”

Ariana smiled, “Thanks Dad.”


the end of another chapter…enjoy, and if there are any spelling errors, please tell melol


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His Arms Are Open: Chapter 5

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