His Arms Are Open Chapter 3

I have added  some new characters:
Henry Brewster- Hal and Hilary’s older brother
Hadassa Brewster- Hal and Hilary’s younger sister
Mr and Mrs Ward- Hilary and Hal’s grandparents from their mother’s side
I hope you enjoy this:
 Chapter 3
Hilary rolled over in bed and looked at her alarm clock. It was 7:45 am, and her alarm had not gone off. She jumped out of bed and raced to her dresser. Her hair was a mess, she hadn’t bathed yet and she only had 15 minutes before the school bus passed. Hilary grabbed her towel and headed to the bathroom. As she got to the door she reached for the handle, but it was locked.
“Hello?” a voice asked form inside.
“Hal, I need to get in there!” Hilary shouted banging on the door.
Hal unlocked the door and stepped out, “I was coming out anyways.” he said scratching his head, “This is like the first time I have ever woken up before you.” Hilary gave Hal a friendly push out of the way and stepped into the bathroom, locking the door; with the amount of people in her house, she always kept the door lock so no one would walk in on her.
10 minutes later Hilary was downstairs eating her breakfast, already dress and waiting for Ariana to come meet her so they could get on the bus at the same time. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it!” Hal shouted already at the door.
“Hi, Hal.” Ariana said as Hal stood in the doorway motioning for her to come in, “What’s up?”
“Nothing much, just getting ready to go….somewhere.” Hal said walking towards the table,”You?”
“Going the same where you are, by the way it’s called SCHOOL!” Ariana said giggling.
“Oh, yeah. That’s what it’s called.” Hal said sarcastically,”I was in a good mood until you mentioned that name.”
“Sorry to spoil your mood.” Ariana said looking over at Hilary, “What’s up with him?”
“He’s getting back his History test today…he didn’t exactly study for it.” Hilary said smirking and putting on her glasses, “Let’s go, the bus will be here soon.”
“Yeah, let’s go. Come on Hal.” Ariana said pulling her bag over her shoulder.
“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute. I have to go grab my backpack.” Hal said heading the up the stairs.
Ariana and Hilary exited the house and walked to the bus stop, talking on the way. “I’m so glad this is the last week of school! I can’t wait for Christmas!” Ariana said spinning around on the sidewalk, “I love the music, the movies, the gifts…” Hilary stopped at the bus stop, “Do you know what Christmas is all about? Or what it is SUPPOSE to be about?”
“Hilary, you have told me a thousand times! That thing about Jesus birth and so on…” Ariana said stopping to think, “Hey, is your church having a Christmas program this year?”
“We do every year, you are welcome to come.” Hilary said looking at Ariana hopefully.
“Yeah, I’ll ask my mom.” Ariana said smiling, as the bus pulled up and Hal ran just in time to get on.
 ………………………………………………………At school:Ariana’s perspective………………………………………
As they arrived at school, it was exactly 8:30 am, and Hilary and Ariana splitted to go to different classes. Ariana walked as fast as she could to her Chemistry class, but got delayed when she bumped into Claudia.
“Oh, you.”Claudia said looking at Ariana,”Don’t you look where you are going?”
“Sorry,” Ariana replied walking away slowly.
“Hey, I’m not through with you yet!” Claudia said stepping in front of her, “Where is your little friend?”
“You mean Hilary? She doesn’t have the same class as me right now.”Ariana said a little nervous. Claudia was known as ‘Queen of the Popular and Bossy’. Most people were intimidated of her, but not Hilary, and usually when Claudia was around, Hilary would stand up for Ariana. But Hilary wasn’t there.
“Oh, I just wanted to ask you if you would come to my party,”Claudia said handing an invitation to Hilary smirking, “I didn’t want your BFF around when I gave it to you, didn’t want her to get jealous.”
“Oh,” Ariana said stuffing it into her pocket, “Well, i gotta go…”
“See ya!” Claudia said smiling and waving like she and Ariana were good friends.
What is she up to? Ariana thought to herself, Oh well. I’ll deal with that later, I need to get to class.
 [The end of another chapter, i hope you enjoyed. By the way, Hilary is Seventh-day Adventist and Ariana is not, just thought i would clear that up. Bye till next time!smiley]

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His Arms Are Open Chapter 3

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