His arms are open…

Well guys…if you have been following this book…then you would know that the Brewsters and Morrises have gone for their Christmas vacation to Ariana’s grandparents ranch. They are gonna enjoy themselves but I just want to clear something up. I know I mentioned a lot of characters at the beginning of this book…more than I can handle I think. Now I’m not gonna take them out of the story… But I am gonna try and use them as much as possible.
BTW… Hal and Hilary’s brother, Henry, is still in the book. If you have been following the book, you would have noticed, he hasn’t been in the recent chapters. Just clearing things up…instead of going with his family to the ranch, he decided to stay by a friend for a few weeks. The week of Christmas, he will meet his family at the ranch 🙂 so all those of you who miss Henry, ( who wasn’t a very big character in the book 0_0) he’s coming back!(Lol) so continue to read my book please…and I hope you enjoy it. Hadassah, Hilary and Hal’s sister, is gonna be mentioned in chapters to come and so will Ariana’s brothers, Alvin and Aaron. And I almost forgot about their little sister….and so she HAS to be in chapters to come too.grin
The next chapter should be done soon…I think 🙂

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His arms are open…

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