“High school” chapter 3

Long time, no see , so here you go ( up there is the high school ) 


Ring,Ring! The alarm went off . It used to be summer .it just passed . It was my first day of High school ! So I woke up and got ready and we left . I was a “Freshmen” and my brother who was in the same High school,  CDH  (Christian , Den road , High school ) He was a “sophomore” . Mrs. Whitlock dropped us off at CDH and we went inside the huge High school . “See you later, have a great day” Caleb muttered . “Ok you too” I whispered . I went to my new locker and left my stuff there and then went to my first class . Math. “What is 5*(a*B)*5/72?” Mr. Rick asked us . I raised my hand . “7636” Luis called out as soon as Mr. Rick called on him.”Correct” Mr. Rick said .  I sighed  and slid back into my seat further after raising my hand for a long time. The day went by quickly until it was lunch time . “High School is boringer than 8th grade” Annalise commented . She was my annoying classmate from forever. All my class form 8th grade that made it with me to CDH . “I think it’s better, the boys here are calmer than 5th, 6th and 7th grade ” Chloe said staring at my brother and his friends trying to climb a tall tree and my brother getting on their shoulders and getting up there and helping his friends up too. “Your brother sure is a lot more calmer, Julianna” Hannah said pointing at Caleb , on top of a branch of the tree trying to help his friend “Ruben” up too and Ruben to “Issac” . “Yes he is” I said . “Are you trying out for volleyball soon?” Sarah asked us . “Yes” we said and inside we hoped our grades were high enough to make the team this year . We finished our lunch and all went out to the soccer field out the back of CDH and walked, talked and laughed until we realized we were LATE. We rushed to the building and came in by the back door and rushed to the girls bathroom and then hid by the edge of the lockers near the boys bathroom and unfortunately Luis came out of the bathroom talking with Caleb. Luis was a cute little 13 year old who was Filipino like me and Caleb and he had long hair like Caleb but cut it a little bit ,with shining pretty black-brown eyes and he was one inch shorter than Caleb and was smarter than the average and made it one grade level higher than his age and was in my class and made it to CDH , obviously. They stoped dead and stared at us and us to them . “Your late” Luis spoke up . “Really late Julianna” Caleb said staring directly into my eyes . “We’re not! We just went to the bathroom!” Chloe said trying to sound like we were not late . “We’re just wasting time here” I said to them “And you too!” We rushed to the classroom all chill like we were not at all LATE . Luis with me . Me and Luis were friends since third grade . “Your LATE!” Mrs. Kendrick the science teacher said sternly. We hung our heads as we got a deduction point . The day went by quicker than we thought and then it was time to clean up and leave . “You were late , huh?” Issac mocked me . Issac was a short boy, for 15 years old and he had dark brown eyes, with curly dark brown hair. “Yes I know” I shot back “Ok bye” He said as he went to catch up with Caleb and Ruben. Ruben was a little shorter than Caleb but taller than Issac , obviously and he had light brown eyes , and hair that almost cover his eyes  . The girls said bye to each other and then we all went back home . “Ruben and Issac are coming with me home this evening” Caleb told me . My happiness went away. They were good boys but they always annoy me the most and I didn’t look up that much when they came over . Luis was chilling next to me until his mom came to pick him up . “Bye Jewels!” Luis shouted as he catches up with his ride. “Bye Luis” I waved back . Mrs. or Mr.  Whitlock don’t  have time to pick us up so we just walk thought the woods back home now . It’s near. Caleb,Ruben and Issac were annoying just though the walk . But we finally arrived home. It was 2 hours until someone came though the door . It was Mrs. Whitlock. “Hello Mrs. Whitlock!” Ruben and Issac chanted together . “Hi boys” Mrs Whitlock said tiredly and left inside the room . Pretty soon I found myself fighting with Issac telling him Pandas are better than sharks .
But anyways that all for today ! Hope you enjoyed and pretty soon It will post the pictures of the classmates of Julianna and Calebs friends soon so watch for that . Bye guide people ! 

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“High school” chapter 3

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