Hi again

Hi guys. It’s been a while, I know. (Partially due to a erased memory) but I’m back, and I’m sharing a poem (cause I know you guys like them.) soo, enjoy!
Pattering, smattering, not quite drenching,
but people are starting to pull out
their umbrellas.
windshield wipers
going going going
swipe swipe swipe
brushing away raindrops like tears
gutters rushing
people sloshing
hunched miserable under wet jackets
acts of kindness,
sharing an umbrella with an already soaked person
catching an elderly woman from falling
adults hurrying, steelfaced, wishing it would stop
children, splashing, squealing
wet from head to toe
someone stomps
sends a shower over someone’s head
guilty silence
a sudden guffaw
patting his head, ruffling his hair
remembering when he was a child
stomping in puddles
in the rain.
Okay, that’s kinda short, but because I remember my login now, I can post more. See ya!

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Hi again

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