Hi again!

Hello! Sorry, it took a long time for me to post again. Sigh.  There is sooooo much I could write about! But I cant write all of them so I’ll just write one.  Okay, I know the overall plot is kinda corny, and well, it’s a little different then most of the stories on here.  Let me know if you dont like it.  Well, here goes…
                                                                     CHAPTER ONE
Hi, my name is Mimi, and I’m a lamb.  I live in a beautiful place with grass and trees and the most caring owner ever.
But it wasn’t always that way…
I was born in shabby yard that had so much junk that there was barely enough grass to eat.  Plus, I was the runt of the litter, and all of the stronger sheep butted me away from the few grass tufts that were left.  One morning, as I huddled in my corner in the yard, a car went by.  I stopped trying to eat and looked up. The car had stopped and a little girl was getting out.  Curiosity overtook me and I pressed up against the barbed wire fence.  The girl petted me, and said, “Father, can we ask if we can take this little lamb home? she looks awful, and I just know she would be happy at our farm.  Pleeeaase?” The father sighed, obviously knowing where this conversation was going.  She seemed like a sweet little thing, but I could see the flash of determination in her eyes. She was not leaving without me! Wearily the father agreed to talk to the owner.  After a few rough patches, which caused the girl to cry, the man finally gave in and handed me over.  I snuggled in her arms all the way home.  This was true love.
A couple of months later, I was playing with my owners friends.  There was Carla, who was 10, and had short Auburn hair, Zach, who had reddish orange hair, and was 11, Rachel (my owner) Mike (my owner’s brother) and Kirstie, who was 9 and had very pretty blonde hair.  Zach was always tinkering in the old shed that he had claimed as his ‘workshop’.  He had invented various things, and I was not surprised when he started testing them on me. One day, Zach called a meeting.  They were discussing something about one of his inventions.  I skipped over to listen.  “I need a volunteer! this time machine won’t work if I’m in the machine, because I need to control it from the outside. Kirstie, your the lightest, maybe you want to-” “Nuh-uh. No way! You said that there still may be a few glitches in the program. I’m NOT risking my life just to get to see Bible times and stuff!” Zach shook his head.  He was obviously disappointed.  “But… it wont run unless there’s some weight, even if it was just a little bit,” he protested, “And I cant send Mikey, He’s too small to know what he’s doing. I don’t suppose that you would like to go would you Rachel?” Rachel shook her head.  “can’t say I do.  It would be great to see what happened long ago, but what did you say about the percentage of living through it? About forty- five percent.  That’s less than half, and it would have to be more than half to get me to go.  Sorry Zach.  I know how much you worked on the time machine.” Zach’s eyes fell.  “I guess I should have known.” he sighed, shaking his head.  Slowly he got up and walked into the workshop.
He didn’t come out for the rest of the day.
Meanwhile, I was trying super hard to get the attention of Rachel.  I was pawing at her knee’s for the third time, when she finally got up. Yes! I thought, She’s finally going to pay attention to me! but she just sighed, stretched, looked over to the workshop and sighed again. As she walked home I was deep in thought.  How could I get them to know that I just had to get into that time machine!

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Hi again!

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