What do you say, when you have no words?

Don’t know what’s wrong or unsure what hurts.

You want to beg, you want to scream, you want to cry.

The only problem is you don’t know why.

What needs to be fixed now, or just needs some time?

You don’t know what would work best with reason and rhyme.

When you don’t know what to pray,

Or what’s right to say,

Just cry, “Help!”

God knows what you mean, and sees what you need.

Just give Him the faith of a small mustard seed.

You may not know what the real problem is,

But God does, and healing is always His biz.

So if you’re unsure what’s wrong,

When the blues is your theme song,

Just cry, “Help!”

God’s always there.

He’s always aware.

God sees your heart,

And He knows where to start.

So if you’re lost and alone,

Don’t know the way home,

Just cry, “Help!”

And let God do the rest,

Because He knows what’s best.

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