Hi! I’m new here. I was searching through this website when I found the talent showcase. A lot of people have been posting stories here, so I decided to post my own.
                                              ~2000 years ago~
Scrunch! Scrunch! Scrunch! Scrunch!  She had been running for 6 months. She was tired, and hungry, and her feet were numb because of the snow, but she couldn’t stop now.
    Not ever, she thought.
All she could do now, is hope. Hope that her daughter was safe, as she was the only one left in the royal lineage. And she was also the only one left that knew her. Her father and mother, gone. Her sisters, even though she hated them, gone. Her friends, her husband, her relatives, all of them, gone. She turned into an alley, taking refuge in it.
    Breathing hard she reached inside her bag to grab her notebook. She flipped though the pages.
    *flap! flap! flap!  She could hear wingbeats nearby. Closing the notebook, she held it close, and held her breath.
    “Oh May! Where are you? I know you’re here somewhere!” Shouted the exact voice she dreaded to hear. “Come out, come out, wherever you are”. She bit her lip, trying hard not to scream. “You can’t hide forever!”
    Hide forever, she thought. She quickly flipped through her notebook to the last page, and tapped it once. The page shriveled up afterwards. She ruffled through her bag, pulling out a mask. I enchant this mask that as long as I wear it to conceal my identity, and hide me. After a few seconds she added, give me a second chance. She slipped on the mask, and everything went black.
Chapter 1 coming soon

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